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I think I found a bug. I just started a new game on iPhone 5 and for some reason the A and B buttons won't show up. This is happening during the intro screens. I haven't moved into the actual game yet.

- greenleaf
Are you upgrading from a previous version of Siralim, or did you just download the game recently? If you are upgrading, you might need to re-install the game.
04-14-2015, 02:42 PM
This game blew me away! I love you the game opens up more and more as you get deeper into it. I barely scratched the surface and I am having a blast. Experimenting with different creatures and finding effective synergies that suit your gamestyle appeals to a player like me. The combinations are endless. I am currently a level 38 life mage and my party consists of:

-Unicorn Vivifier, brim smith, fallen carnage, raven acolyte, siren coercer, troll arsonist

Despite being a tier 1, the unicorn vivfier is very indispensable to my team with solid stats and a great ability. But I am not sure how long he will be around as I have been reading about the pegasus and unicorn consecrator. How do those creatures compare? Do they synergize well with one another?

I've also been reading in the game forums that % based attacks become more important than the attack stat at later levels against ridiculously strong enemies. So expect the brim smith to replaced later on. But as of now he is performing very well.

The Raven Acolyte is clearly there to provide an easier path for the fallen carnage to wipe out the party in one turn. The Siren Coercer somewhat negates the Raven's 50% health affect and therefore IMO a necessary partner for the raven. This also ensures better survivability for the unicorn which is crucial due to its revive on hit ability. My plan is to later enchant the coercer's artifact so it receives the siren oracle's barrier as well.

Because the troll arsonist goes first in my party, he will immediately soften up to two enemies (NOT KILL), making it that much easier for the FC, who goes right after, to do his thing.

I am also in the process of creating a nether fallen carnage. I am leveling up all my gems to Level 10 before going back to the gem shrine to enchant them.

My only complaint to the developer is that you made such a great game, that I find myself playing it at work.

As I unlock more creatures I want to experiment with more combinations and play styles. I'm especially excited about the omnipotent deity, pegasus, and unicorn consecrations. Are there any others I should keep a look out for? I'm also curious to see how other players are forming their teams.
04-14-2015, 06:04 PM
Happy to hear you're having fun!

What you read on Siralim's forums is correct: there's a late-late-late-late-game balance issue with a handful of abilities that makes them a bit too strong, but that's being addressed so I don't necessarily suggest going out of your way to get them. They'll still be useful, just not so powerful that you feel obligated to include them in your team.

Several of our forum members have been posting their teams lately, so I invite you to check it out when you get a chance!
04-15-2015, 12:08 AM
Yeah this game is great. Still playing it whenever I get a chance. I'm level 35 sorcery with a ragtag team: unicorn vivifier, berserker fiend, stronghold, glutinous slime, servant hunter, and ancient ent.

The ancient ent (I got from power spell) is such a life saver. Very happy with that one. Caps incoming melee damage at 40% of max hp for all your creatures. The slime I'm keeping only because the damage it does is always surprisingly high. It's next to replace though. Servant hunter is only to make extracting cores easier. Stronghold as tank. Other two obvious.

Working on tier 8 right now and excited to see what comes. Also working on nether gems but they take forever.

The Siralim forums are way more active than here so definitely check them out.

*edit*: forgot another great thing about ancient ent is once you summon it, it starts showing up on enemy teams. Makes it super easy to extract cores when you don't have to worry about accidentally killing the mob! Two hits and they are at 20% hp ready to be extracted

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04-15-2015, 08:48 PM
I hate to talk about a PC/Mac release on a forum about mobile games, but I figured some of you might be interested: Siralim is coming to Steam on April 24. http://store.steampowered.com/app/362090
Yesterday, 07:36 AM
To celebrate Siralim's launch on Steam, we've added an in-game event called Steamworks Week. The event is available on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Although this is a small event compared to our normal events and holidays, it awards an exclusive new creature called the Steampowered Pilwiz! This unique creature eats the destructible objects you encounter during your travels to grow more powerful. You can obtain this creature by talking to Zack, a knight dressed in red, in the War Room of your castle.

Steamworks Week will mark the anniversary of Siralim's launch on Steam and will be repeated annually. However, despite its name implying that it will only be around for one week, we're going to make it last all the way until May 8 to ensure that everyone has plenty of time to get their hands on this creature. iOS users will need to wait for a new update before they can access this event - unfortunately, Apple didn't get the update out in time.