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If you could have only 5 games on your device

03-17-2015, 03:46 AM
Fortune Street
Solitile Zen
Panzer Corps
Medieval Battle Europe
03-17-2015, 04:21 AM
Heroes Charge
Dungeon Hunter 5
Pocket Mine 2
Temple Run Oz

Pine Entertainment
03-17-2015, 03:25 PM
My list is informed by the consideration of longevity and replayability, casualness, and challenge. These are all games that have stood the test of time and found a permanent home on my device and pose a significant challenge without requiring lengthy playing sessions.

868-HACK by Michael Brough Review

This is an elegant and sophisticated Brough-like (i.e. a Roguelike by the incomparable Michael Brough). It incorporates several layers of strategy upon the original gameplay formula and is set within a beautiful system hacking themed environment. The game poses much difficulty and I have yet to complete it. I will probably be playing for many years to come.

Boson X by Ian MacLarty Review

A gorgeous level based Auto-Runner with a particle acceleration theme. It is also very difficult and I will likely be playing this for a considerable amount of time as well.

Dungeon Raid by Fireflame Games Review

The classic and in my opinion still unrivaled Match-3 RPG. It has never left my device and never lost its charm.

Forget-Me-Not by Nyarlu Labs Review

Aptly described as the love child of Pacman and Rogue, this game features a charming pea-shooting Pixel. I do not know if the levels are actually randomized but it feels like I have never played the same map twice.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene by Taito Article

This is Taito's brilliant 21st century rendition of the classic Space Invaders and my favorite shooter. I recall playing a final Boss, but I don't know that I ever actually ran out of levels. The custom music generated levels also contribute to infinite replayability. I recommend trying a Canabalt-themed level.