App description: Embark on a lucid and fantastical journey of transformation and discovery through this beautiful and unique point and click / hidden object adventure.

Unlock puzzles, solve fun mini games and collect items amongst the gorgeously detailed and hand illustrated environments.

Undergo metamorphosis and parasitically inhabit ever larger insects as your interaction with the scenery develops, each chapter progresses and the scale of the beautiful world increases.

a finesse that matches the techniques of fine art ... sheer beauty
Chris Priestman, Indie Statik

"visually gorgeous"
Keith Stuart, The Guardian

16 Beautifully Crafted Environment Scenes
216 Objects to Discover
10 Puzzles to Solve

Winner : Design, New Talent
Association of Illustrators Awards 2013

undeadcow's comments:

YouTube: video
11-12-2013, 01:27 PM
Ahh, is that what that's for, yeah I noticed it but wasn't sure what it was for.
03-01-2014, 04:48 PM
Level 5

Originally Posted by kumotion View Post
Oh, I meant to say, did you know that if you tap your character you get a particle effect that shows the available directions you can move in? This can be super useful.
Thanks, that was indeed super useful! Il was stuck at level 5 and the help button did notre help. I noticed the dust but did not knew what it was for.

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