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TouchArcade Game of the Week (GOTW for May 8th)

View Poll Results: Which game from this list is your GOTW?
Ace Patrol 17 15.74%
Alien Shooter 6 5.56%
Bellyfish 8 7.41%
Blitz Brigade 11 10.19%
Daddy Was A Thief 8 7.41%
End Of Aspiration 2 1.85%
Impossible Road 10 9.26%
Stone of Life 16 14.81%
Tasty Tadpoles 2 1.85%
WazHack 28 25.93%
Voters: 108. You may not vote on this poll
05-17-2013, 03:20 AM
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Oh, this has to be one of the BEST weeks so far this year. All the games I nominated

Alien shooter
Blitz brigade
Daddys a thief
Impossible road

Are all fantastic games! Don't know if any one game is particularly the game of the year, but first time in a long time I can actually say that each game deserved it and all.

But unfortunately I have to choose. Alien shooter and brigade are great and all, but I kinda like games that play well on an icade joystick and hdmi tv.

Strange week, cause I prodded 3 developers somehow to implement icade joystick, so that rocks!!! The developer for daddys said he would put in icade for crumble zone and he would try perhaps for daddys, the impossible road dev said yes, it will be getting icade. And the dev of bellyfish has been great working with me on testflight for icade joystick use on icade. Even though he does not have an icade yet, we are making great progress!!!

Kinda reminds me of working with Volbard for Plasma Sky Support. The devs and I have been really clueless at times, but thanks to some help from some other great developers, we somehow managed to get icade support working for it.

Icade joystick support seems to be really taking off lately, and it is great that the future is bright for joystick support for the ipad and iphone, and once Apple comes out with their own wireless joystick, at least for now there are getting to be more icade joystick games on the market.

Sure, many people laugh at me saying Connector is a wannabe console nutcase, but hey, that's ok, doesn't bother me one bit. Those same people 5 years from now won't be laughing at me one bit. Or at least I hope so, hehe.

Anyway, enough rambling, daddys will probably not get icade though crumble zone will, so that rules it out. Bellyfish I would love to vote for cause I am a beta tester for icade support, but it is a portrait game so not good for hdmi, so is out as well.

So I will go with Impossible Road, cause it will have icade suppport too soon, and plays great on hdmi tv! It does need a slight controls tweaking on the ipads, but I think they will do that and add icade on a future update. It might not be the best game this week, but hey, it's really tough for me to make up my mind.

I give you all my regards, and as always, a screenshot of my vote for the week.

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05-17-2013, 04:24 AM
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Connector you almost missed the poll as it closes in a few hours...

And the new thread is up:

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