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Best Gaming Device: iPad Air vs Retina Mini?

12-11-2013, 07:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
I dont have any yet as im waiting for the ipad mini retina to be available in my local iShops, but this thread is a good informative read.

Before these high-powered pads, i preferred the ipad mini (non-retina) over my ipad3, mostly because of the size and weight which was perfect for hours of gaming.

I am already inclined to buy an ipad mini retina when it becomes available here, but im really interested in the ipad Air because of the reduced weight, but still retaining the wider screen.

I did prefer the ipad3 over the mini in some instances though, like in most adventure games, board games, and strategy games. But as mentioned in this thread, some games become a little difficult to play on the larger screen, especially those with keypads, vsticks, and buttons. To be honest, i wasnt enjoying EPOCH on the ipad3 as much as i did on both the ipod touch, iphone 4s and on the Mini.

I think the ipad mini retina and the ipad air will arrive at my local iShops the same time, so i will consider both as my purchase for my christmas gift to myself.

Would like to read more specifics on these ithings, and im glad we have this thread for that. Keep discussing!
Get an air EP the weight difference is not even noticable really. But..... The bigger screen is very noticable