App description: Oh no! The world just exploded! The cats need a new place to live now. Jump across earth debris to find a new catmosphere! Me-ma Mimsy is waiting for you with her delicious cat stew, yummie!

In Deep Space Pussy, you tap to jump. Or you can tap and hold to jump some more. With this important knowledge you can navigate through obstacles on the scattered pieces of earth flying through space.

Help Mr. Snuffles and Mittens through 40 space levels. Oh, but Mr. Snuffles forgot to bring his space helmet, so his head will explode if you don't hurry!


Some technical stuff
DSP is designed to run at at full quality settings with 60 FPS on iPhone4S, iPad 2, iPod 5 or newer devices. Older devices will run at 24 FPS and are not recommended.

If you are having technical issues, contact or leave a comment at the Deep Space Pussy Facebook page
06-17-2014, 11:54 AM
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Dear dev,

I love this game. The short but challenging levels are absolut fun. Personally I liked the ice world most, due to the "speed without jumping" thing. Definitely game of the week to me. I do hope this nice little game won't go by unnoticed. I already gave five stars in the app store, and I too think that the new price fits better and hopefully will help to sell some.

Even though I stuck a little in the lava world I hope that there will be new levels. But since you said you will possibly make some if the game sells good I guess chances are low, aren't they? Anyway, nice little game! Well done mate and good luck!

Yours truly

07-27-2014, 03:54 PM
Despite what you might assume from the screenshots and trailer, the wonderfully named Deep Space Pussy is not an auto-runner. Yes, your only controls are tap to jump and tap to jump higher, but the core gameplay revolves around momentum and precise movement

You guide your stranded space feline across the shattered remnants of Earth, leaping gaps, over deadly lava, across collapsing platforms, and other hazards. Unlike an auto-runner, you don't move forward; jumping propels you forward and slopes allow you to build speed to bridge late jumps. This key difference gives Deep Space Pussy a challenging precise edge, as you need to learn where and when to time jumps and landings, and when to build speed if you want to finish each level

The levels alone are challenging on their own, but similar to Super Meat Boy's Dark levels, you can unlock harder versions of each level. These versions not only change the environment to add more hazards and new gaps, but you also need to complete each level in a limited amount of jumps, since each leap expends your oxygen meter. These hard levels force you to maximize each jump and adds a hefty amount of replay value and extra challenge

If you're a fan of challenging precision platformers, I recommend checking out Deep Space Pussy. It's tricky, fast, with an interesting art style and a nice chunk of content. Just...don't search for the game on Google

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