App description: Fable Age is an addictive combination of puzzle gameplay, strategic battle and RPG depth. Assemble your team of heroes, including Robin Hood, King Arthur, Aladdin and more, to save the world from evil forces in this FREE game!

Tap and link gems to create powerful combo attacks. Intuitive gameplay combines with deeper RPG elements to create a fun and addictive game.

Lead your team of characters from fairytale and legend into battle against invading enemy hordes across epic fable books.
Collect and battle with heroes that include Robin Hood, Aladdin, Snow White, King Arthur, Rapunzel, Prince Charming, Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and many more!

Match, link and combine gems to do maximum damage with strategic gameplay. Use potions and elixirs to augment your heroes. Evolve your heroes and merge their skills to create powerful warriors.

Add your real-life friends and others you meet battling along the way. Work with other players to conquer challenging quests.

Fable Age offers weekly quests and lucky draws to provide continuous new content and challenges.

* Over 200 Fable Heroes to collect
* Innovative match 3 gameplay with targeting, linking, area attacks and gem burst combos
* Daily player rewards
* Enhance your heroes using books, potions, elixirs and evolution
* Great deals on potions, elixirs and experience books, constantly changing at the Daily Shop
* Special quests with new, fearsome opponents available every week
* Create hero teams with special skills to tackle a variety of quests
* Collect potions, elixirs, books and new heroes during your battles
* Battle alongside other players and friend them to continue playing together
05-22-2015, 11:15 AM
Specific Heroes

It might be interesting to do a post on each specific hero, e.g., synergies, pros and cons.

For instance, for the Evil Apple Witch quest, which has no heart gems, I've been using the Dragon Prince, the Breath of Flame.

Bad synergies with the Dragon Prince include Rapunzel: since you take no damage until you've burn up all your links, you don't get the benefit of Rapunznel's passive (turn 3 gems into Burst gems if you take damage). Another relatively bad synergy is the Master Paladin since you don't get the benefit of healing. (Incidentally, the healing appears to be about 1/3 of the damage that the Paladin inflicts.) Another bad synergy would be the Fairy Godmother, since her passive is Blocking +40%, making the Dragon Prince's Active not as useful, and her active is full heal, and you'd have to run out of links to take damage before you need healing. Or any Druid, since their passive is healing, and you won't fully utilize their passive until you run out of links.

Good synergies would be characters that restore links and/or have high resistances.

So my team for dealing with the Evil Apple Witch - heroic has been:
King Midas
Little John
Friar Tuck
Dragon Prince
plus a friend (Frog Prince, Lord Robin Hood the King of Thieves, Jack the Slayer of Giants, Master Paladin, etc.)

- Sheriff of Nottingham has a nice passive, but I don't see many burst gems and there are no heart gems, so the Active is completely useless.

The Dragon Prince's passive means that you use links to extend your life or put differently, you lose links before you lose life. He's a bad choice if the enemy does a lot of damage i.e., you'd lose a lot of links, so situations where the Dragon Prince is a bad choice:
Any heroic/godly elixir quest
Goldilocks Legendary Quest (because Goldilocks sucks down links)

Instead of finding heart gems to restore life, with Dragon Prince, you're looking to restore links so you don't run out.

His active (Burst Shield) means that for 5 rounds, you get +40% Blocking (to a max normal of 50% unless you have some Defensive auras that increase the max blocking).
05-22-2015, 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by Sanuku View Post
YouTube: video
Oh I'm interested!

Wow, beautiful game
05-22-2015, 01:30 PM
Finally got the last material I needed to upgrade Rose Red to Rose Red, Lady of the Flame. Two Fridays' worth of grinding, and finally the single material dropped. That should make things go faster.
05-22-2015, 04:04 PM
Yay. Was it a red sacred lotus?

What's going to annoy you is that you're going to have a ton of these late in the game. (I keep about 30 of each just for kicks but I started selling them off.)
Yesterday, 01:29 AM
Yeah, the lotus.

That's life, though I'm sure I'll need more later, so hearing they show up in late game isn't a bad thing. I was soclose to asking you which books they could drop in.
Yesterday, 10:11 AM
Would someone please add me as a referral, thank you so much! I will try to add you back I still have my referral!

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