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Originally Posted by Bloodangel View Post
I want a good MOBA on iPhone... Any suggestions?
Solstice Arena. Quite different from archetypical MOBAs, but durned good.

For true LoL-style MOBAing, there is only Heroes of Order & Chaos. But unless the server issues, loading times and crashes have been resolved (very possible), I would not recommend downloading it even for free. Also, the experience is so very similar to LoL, but with far less character, depth (thanks to a limited number of champions. The actual mechanics are actually quite similar), and communal support (of course) that I'd rather play LoL the few times I'm around a computer with time to spare (which is rarely, almost as rare as the times when I WANT to play LoL ).
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The large reviews haven't compared it to FF yet. Anyone want to chime in on one vs the other? Pros and cons of each?
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Originally Posted by Tinsel View Post
The large reviews haven't compared it to FF yet. Anyone want to chime in on one vs the other? Pros and cons of each?
That's mainly because Vainglory hasn't released Worldwide yet and is still in its beta.

Having played both Vainglory and Fates Forever for quite awhile I can definitely say Vainglory is the better game overall though in still in its beta. These are my reasons

Fates Forever

- Fast gameplay
- Characters centered around a universal theme
- Great user interface
- Great Dev support at forums
- Great background music and character voices
- Unique and racy art style
- Fair currency system where you can play as much as you like and save up on in game currency to get characters than buying them through IAP.
- Ingame voice chat and chat boxes before and after a match

- Less strategic gameplay compared to Vainglory
- Uncreative and incomplete Map (a direct copy of 3 vs 3 LoL map), useless jungle
- Lags, bugs and crashes occurs frequently. It requires restarting of iPad once every 2 to 3 games
- Frequent server crashes
- Item shop not well thought out
- Usually only one viable way to play a character
- Characters' not balanced out completely
- No boss monster
- No other mode of communication in game other than voice chat

Vainglory (beta)

- Unique and creative map that offers a much more deeper experience compared to Fates
- Better, deeper and more sensible item shop compared to Fates allowing multiple viable builds for characters
- Better realized characters in their concept and role
- Presence of boss monster in jungle
- Smooth and almost lag free matches
- All characters free, no IAPs currently (but it may change soon)
- Great Dev support and interaction at the forums, more community involvement by organizing meet-ups
- Characters balanced out overall
- Great art style with console like graphics comparable to its PC counterparts
- Pings like "Go here" "Avoid" etc to facilitate in game communication
- Availability of a website that has tutorials and runs down everything regarding the game.


- Lack of any other mode of in game communication besides Pings
- Lack of music currently and voices are available for a some characters only (more are getting added in each update)

That's all I can think of for the cons for VG really, even those are already being worked on by the devs. I find Vainglory still the superior game even though its in beta and FF is not, that goes to show how much better it is.
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