App description: Match jewels to create new jewels.
Create and collect more than 55 different jewels!
What will be the last jewel?


Match 3 to create new jewels
4 Different Modes
CLASSIC - Jewel collection mode
FAMILY - Big jewels for kids and adults
PUZZLE - Turn by turn, fun by fun
BLITZ - 60 seconds plus lucky time!
Keep your jewels in a Jewelry Box
55+ types of jewels
25+ achievement badges
Game Center support

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VincentVictoria's comments:
Hi! We are Vincent Victoria, a two-man indie game developer.
Our goal is to become an *indie* PopCap!

Jewel Next is our first game:

Launch Trailer:
09-07-2013, 12:06 PM
Update: how it's going


For those who are waiting for the update, sorry guys! It's taking longer, but we are adding a lot more stuffs into it. Let's take a look:

2 New game modes
- Puzzle
- Blitz
- 4 New Leaderboards
- 13 New Achievements
and various other small changes

Puzzle mode is an exciting one to me. It requires thorough planning and betting(meaning you need to calculate probabilities or just some luck!)
Blitz mode is the famous 60 seconds mode without coins & items.
I've attached a screenshot for new select mode menu.

We are now picking BGMs and sound effects for the new modes.
If it goes well, the update will be submitted on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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I love games. I make games!
I've created Soaring Bird, Jewel Next and Speaking Counter.

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10-12-2013, 05:23 AM
Happy weekend, everyone!

Jewel Next v2.0 is released!
- 2 new modes: Blitz & Puzzle
- 6 new leaderboards
- 12 new achievements
- faster launching time
- you can compare scores with your gamecenter friends in game (for Blitz and Puzzle mode)
- completely optional IAP to unlock all jewels
- displays progression at the bottom right corner in Classic and Family mode
- supports sharing by Weibo
- iOS 7 compatibility support

I'm working on next update. It will feature performance improvements by reducing memory allocations in-game.

I love games. I make games!
I've created Soaring Bird, Jewel Next and Speaking Counter.

Follow us @VincentVictoria

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