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The Playstation 4 (PS4) Thread!

06-22-2015, 06:45 AM
Originally Posted by Oldgamer View Post
Sorry but I have to correct you there, only the off-the-shelf shop bought garbage PCs are over priced. (Especially junk like Alienware). but if you shop wisely, buy the components and build one (so easy these days a 5yr old could do it). You'll get a PC for a very reasonable price and it'll have a far FAR better spec than a shop bought costing the same.

That said, I hope you enjoy your PS4.
The main thing that annoys me with a PC, or the two main things is 1) hardware is typically never used to its full potentially no matter what grade specs, 2) even with a high end set up there's no guarantees a game will run well or at all due to some weird combination of setups. I have built seriously good set ups on paper only for them to still run into problems with some titles, more often then not I find myself fixing or tweaking things rather than playing.

I tend to game on my PC for the types of things that best suit it, RTS, God games/world builders, management. Most other things will tend to be on console because they're built to spec and I know exclusives will run and look pretty darn sweet. But everything has its place and I think some platforms are better suited to particular genres.
06-24-2015, 06:36 AM
Getting my PS4 copy of Arkham City in another hour... can't wait

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KiranB83, KiranB#1453
06-30-2015, 06:44 AM
Because it's highly underrated I just wanted to share my thoughts on Wolfenstein: Old Blood as anyone who likes their FPS games should drop the dime on it (it is cheap anyway).

+ 7-10 hours for campaign, depending on how completest you are that could be extended
+ Challenge maps further extend that if you want a gold rating (think Modern Warfares arcade maps)
+ Same solid gunplay as New Order but better set ups for firefights
+ Rock solid 60 FPS and some really nice ashetic design
+ Nazi Zombies
+ A couple of new weapons

- Castle gets a bit old at the start
- Less weapons overall
- Story is fine, but not as motivating as New Order, BJ says some pretty irrelevant things
- Start is a bit slow

For me personally, coming from old school FPS, Machinegames have really nailed it and feel Wolfenstein is one of the best recent shooter examples available and is highly recommended for anyone who likes good down to earth, honest gunplay.