App description: SXPD: Extreme Pursuit Force is a brand new form of entertainment that blends gaming with digital comic books. The complete version of this Comic/Game Hybrid allows you to enjoy a full 42 page comic by renowned comic book artist Duke Mighten and then jump right into the action when the story demands it, with its game sections directed by game industry legend David Perry. It is a comic book you can play!

The story revolves around the SXPD, an elite police force consisting of all female officers who enforce the law in the privately owned 52nd state of America; 'New Royale'; a hyper violent and bizarre scifi world.

Chase the gangs and violent criminals of New Royale, in a high speed bike pursuit across the dangerous environments of the dark State. Get lured into the sewers, wastelands and industrial zones of the city. And find out if the Rookie can save New Royale from the terrorists threatening it.

'The Rookie' is the first instalment of many episodes and features 6 chapters of comic book storytelling, and high adrenalin racing game action.

What the press says:
One of the most inventive iOS games of 2014 so far. :
just as the action kicks in, you see a panel depicting a first-person view. Swipe, and you dive into the comic book world, without compromise to visual fidelitythere's a beautiful fluidity to be seen as the expressive art style transitions into motion.
Dark and violent in nature, SXPD is reminiscent of comic series such as Tank Girl or Heavy Metal, perhaps, and is ideal for anyone who wishes to dive into the world of intense high speed chases, rapid gunfire and earth-shattering explosions.
SXPD crackles with energy. It's an assault on the eyes in the best possible way.
SXPD is ideal for any comic book fan who wishes they could dive into the pages of a high-speed chase.

SXPD features:
- A full 42 page comic book by Artist Duke Mighten (Judge Dredd, Afro Samurai, Batman)
- 6 chapters of super fast bike combat directed by David Perry (MDK, Earthworm Jim)
- 6 Additional arcade playmodes
- 3D Deathchase tribute challenge, the ZX Spectrum classic which inspired SXPD
- Full GameCenter support, with challenges and achievements
08-15-2014, 12:21 PM
@Muppetpuppet - Well, I appoligize.

It sounds like you are doing the right thing by allowing people access to all the content they had when originally purchasing the app, before the pricing model switch.
08-15-2014, 01:49 PM
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Please can we stop going overboard the second there's an IAP in a game. This one simply unlock the full game

Some peoples over reactions to IAPs really is laughable
08-21-2014, 04:07 PM
Upcoming changes

Hi guys,

we're going to do a quick update in the next few days (will release after apple approves it)

We're a bit unhappy with some of the choices we made for the zooming (double tap) as well as the touch control option.

so here's the changes ahead of time, until we release a next full chapter or issue (and that will be a fair bit in the future), that will probably the final update until after the android release.

1. the comic pages will now display zoomed in to fit the width of your device by default, allowing you to stay zoomed in when swiping pages. you can scroll down to view more of the page (IPad version won't need zoom , so no changes there)

In short, no more black borders anywhere on any device..(yuk on black borders)

2. touch controls, we're working to replace the virtual stick with left and right screen mirrored controls , so left and right touch button, dual fire buttons. Using both left/right at the same time will trigger nitro, and you'll be able to use either button to fire, if you have missile lock, it will auto fire a missile.

basically the virtual stick, it sucks. but we have multiple actions a user can trigger so it's a bit of hard one (turning while shooting for instance)..
we hope this new control scheme will be an improvement for players disliking tilt.

3. we're adding a new sales screen after the last free page, with an insta-buy button so you don't have to go back to the main menu. (you'll probably not care for that one, but we hope it will trigger more sales)

we're doing some experiments with joypad controller support, but there's no definitive answer..

For android users, its coming!. just waiting for the final touches, and off course a good timeslot on the play and amazon stores for maximum exposure.

10-03-2014, 07:09 PM
Android version, this year, soon, very soon or when??? I moved from ios to android and want this game badly
11-06-2014, 06:55 AM
If some one is interested, anfmdroid version has been relesed on amazon app store

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