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Low Poly Vehicle Pack Now Live!

05-06-2013, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by mr.Ugly View Post
check the license most of the cars are sold under (which is legal) at turbo squid.

its not for commercial use and never will be if the models are not your ip.

not being noticed by a car manufacturer does not mean one is right or even safe. playing that card is just stupid.

a models does not need to be 1:1 to get a reaction, its more than enough if people could think your models represents the "real" ones and your toast.

in the end its not a question of "if" rather than "when"

rather safe than sorry in legal questions, except you have the money to lawyer up or have a legal insurance.

anything else is just careless.

Whatever licence turbosquid are giving they are still selling models of copyrighted car brands with no legal issues, its the person who has brought the model and starts using it that may have legal issues (according to them) if its does not come under fair use or they have simply not obtained the releases from the manufactures which could grant unrestricted use. If i was a licensee of BWM i could use a turbosquid BWM model commercially (as stated earlier).

Fatbox is selling the cars in the same way as turbosquid is selling the cars, fatboxes cars anrt even branded (although i accept that and prevouisly stated that he may want to add a small addition to the text explaining that licences may need to be obtained depending on use if he really want to cover himself in the same way turbosquid do).

Again, its not impossible but so unlikely. There is no real way to be 100% safe than sorry otherwise nobody would realise any new products at all, why do you think everybody is ignoring londsys in app purchase patent trolling.

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