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Old 09-13-2014, 02:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Piph View Post
Okay, I hate to be that guy, but can anybody explain this damn game to me? I am completely lost. Doing the tutorial, and I don't understand. I set the drivers to do one lap, and when they completed it, they kept going. A button pops up that says "cancel lap" for both, and seeing as how I only wanted then to do one lap to see the results of my first attempt at their car setups, I hit the button. They drive slowly for the rest of the lap, and suddenly the qualifier ends and I'm asked if I want to proceed.

What the hell? Nothing about that clicked for me. I'm supposed to have like 12 minutes to figure things out, so why'd it end all of a sudden? Why in the world did the drivers continue to do another lap when I specifically set it to one? What does the cancel lap button do? When do the drivers ACTUALLY return to the pot on their owns so I can analyze their lap times with their setup?

Super frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Apparently I'm the only asshole on the Internet who didn't immediately understand this game.


Also, what's up with the set up and the data? When I go to setup again after a lap, does everything automatically go back to default?
I feel like the drivers whine I had given certain tires were being shown using different ones in the data section for the lap they had just completed?

Again, super confused. I seriously don't understand how this game works. I finished the qualifying, having finished top 5 in both of my laps, it ended in the middle of my third, and somehow I ended up in 7th when it was all over? :/

Really want to like this game and not feel like I just wasted $5, but having trouble with that at the moment. An ACTUAL tutorial that took the time to explain everything clearly and precisely feels needed. I usually pick up on management games pretty quickly, but this is completely flying over my head. The tips are nice, but aren't really worth a damn when it comes time to actually race (which I assume is the core of this game).

Not seeing any help on the site, either.
The actual help you might get from watching F1 races.
I'll try to explain anyway :
During the qualifications you can send your drivers for one, two or three qualifying laps. Before you send them you pick one setup. You'd better pick the one that was recommended, it appeared in a screen right before you get to the qualifications screen.
When you send a driver for qualifying laps they will do an additional out-lap and and an additional in-lap: so if you chose to do 2 laps for instance the driver will actually do 4 laps (= 1 out-lap + the 2 qualifying laps + 1 in-lap).

While the driver is doing a qualifying lap, you have the option to cancel it. If you choose to do that, the driver will instead of doing the qualifying lap have to do the out-lap before going back to the pit.
You'll usually cancel a qualifying lap in those situation:
- you have sent the other driver with the same setup and then realized the setup is bad so you want to change the setup ASAP,
- the weather has changed between the moment the driver was sent off and the moment the qualifying lap is starting.

The ranking is based on the best time you have had in those qualifying laps.
If the qualifications are over (timer is down to zero), the drivers that are still doing their qualification lap can finish the one lap that they started before the end.
Therefore, some pilots from other teams might actually get better qualification times than yours after the end of the timer.

As for the setup, I cannot remember but it usually does not reset or maybe it does to the previous setup you had in a qualifying lap if you cancel the qualifying lap?
At least between the qualifications and the actual race, the setup for your drivers will be the last one that you used (and not necessarily the best one). Therefore you might want to change them on the race screen shown before the race, you can tap the setup which will allow you to edit it for your drivers.
Also I think the tyres is changed to rain if the race track is wet but that should be it.

I hope this cleared out things for you.

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