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Battleheart strategy, tips, & tricks

05-04-2012, 11:47 AM
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i'm using the time freeze one

Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Hey folks, here are some tips that I am using to farm Arenas without any troubles.

It might not be the FASTEST way to get to over 70 kills, but it sure is the safest. Keep in mind that all of my heroes are over level 45. It is super easy to grind up that hight, just give eggs to the team, and with Rogue (for damage boost) grind the Stone Golem boss. It is the fastest kill, gives appro 400 exp, in few hours you can have entire team 45+

Setup one "Time Freeze":

1x Warrior, 2x Mages, 1x Bard.

Warrior: hard tank setup, 2x Lodestone for evasion.
Mages: Timestop, 2x Eye for ~30% no cooldown
Bard: Refreshing song, 2x Eye.

Just Timestop the battlefield all the time. If both Mages go on cooldown, refresh them with Bard. If Bard's Eyes proc, making him not go on Cooldown with refresh song, it's like another full minute of no mobs doing anything.

This setup is tricky if you are VERY unlucky and your Eyes never proc. Do not play Lotto then, it is obvious waste of money for you.

Setup two "Icy Death":

1x Warrior, 2x Mages, 1x Priest

Warrior: same as above.
Mages: Blizzard, 2x Book that reduces cooldowns.
Priest: Heal setup, 2x Book that reduces cooldowns.

Blizzard has 30 sec cooldown by default, lasts 10 seconds. With books, it is on 18 second cooldown. And you got 2 mages, meaning, it is PERMAFROST. You even got a 2 second gap for safety, you do not have to split-second time it.

Entire battlefield slowed down, mages can just portal around and shoot stuff. Take out Archers fast with fireballs and conflagrate, easy as a sunday morning.

Go grind, get those T9 items.

i'm using the time freeze and its really good sometimes i'm unlucky but most of the time the eye's proc. my longest proc on a single spell is 6 procs in a row its amazing dealt so much damage!
08-22-2012, 12:45 PM
Just a quick question. Does two hits of the skill expose weakness from two rogues stack or is it better to wait for one to finish before using the other. I'm just not sure because I don't see much of a difference in terms of damage.

It's fun though. Most of my characters are past level 30 and my highest level is my cleric at level 50. :P I have been grinding for long with tier 7 weapons and I'm just having fun even if I'm not yet playing inside the arenas yet. I'll do soon though because I want all my characters to have their tier 9 weapons and armors. :P

Any news on Battleheart 2?
08-23-2012, 10:42 PM
I was talking to the support team at Mika Mobile about a new Battleheart and they said that they will be releasing a game that is a spiritual successor to Battleheart. I have asked as well if they will make an update or at least an iAP for expansion to the Battleheart but no reply since. Any, so I'm guessing that's a no and probably just look forward to the spiritual successor.
08-25-2012, 11:06 AM
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Just wanted to take a second and thank everyone who's taken the time to leave tips and advice in this thread; they've been a great help!

I've been experimenting with arena lineups, and it's been a lot of fun so far. My highest score is 97, using:

Cleric, w/ Shield and Guardian Angel, 2 Codex of Jabe

Paladin, w/ Wrath and Radiance, 2 Sharkul's Skull

Wizard (Thistle), w/ Time Stop and Conflagrate, 2 Az. Eyeballs

Witch, w/ Debilitate (or whatever the damage reducing spell is called), Horror, 2 Az. Eyeballs

Between the Cleric's group heal, the Wizard's Time Stop and the Witch's Horror, it's hard to die to anything other than a pack of archers or me losing focus.

Although, I did just rack up 96 using the Bard, Wizard, Monk and Witch, which was a lot of fun. Hadn't used the Monk in a while, and he really does shine a lot more in the arena than as a pure damage dealer. Might be a bit of time before I bother to finish leveling my Pirate up to 30, since there isn't really a need for a high DPS fighter in an endurance contest.

Unless the end of the Barbarian's skill tree makes him a lot more durable, in which case I might change my tune.
01-03-2014, 01:37 AM
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I'm playing through Battleheart again and am having a bit of difficulty deciding which party to stick with.
My characters are mostly level 9-10.

Lucille (Cleric)- can't take her out of the party just yet, because of her healing advantages. The Bard (Edwardo)'s healing capabilities aren't really up to par in comparison, nor do I have other support items to keep my party's defense up in battles.

Feung (Monk)- keeping him in my party only for his whirlwind ability, which draws aggro from mobs. Very useful at this stage while Lucille focuses healing on him.

Robin (Rogue)- useful to have a second melee character to help dispatch bosses / trolls / etc quickly
As an alternative, I swap Robin out for Garrick (the Pirate). His frenzy and other ability combined make quick work of tougher enemies.

Edwardo (Bard)- Confused on if I should keep in in the party at this stage, or swap him out?

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