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Battle Riders - upcoming iOS combat racing game

09-02-2014, 08:01 PM
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I'm liking what I see here quite a bit. It looks very nice for an indie racing game, and the racing is hectic (in a good way). I'm not a huge fan of tilt controls, but out of the three controls, I think they work the best. I agree with psj about moving the arrows a bit down. The joystick looked good, but my finger moves to far out and it defaults back to the middle. If you could prevent that from happening, that would make it the best out of the three, IMO. I'm enjoying it very much so far! (not doing great, but I should get better with time) Many thanks for the promo code! I'm very excited to play more later today! (Apologies for any typos, I'm awful at proof reading)
09-02-2014, 08:24 PM
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Ok, here are my first impressions.

You've got the control scheme down, but the way you attacked them isnt the best. (I've provided screen shots of what they should be like)

Issues with tilt controls:
-the hit boxes are too small.
-the break is positioned in away from the corner of the screen, making it hard to locate when focused on the gameplay.

Issues with joystick controls:
-finger can easily swipe off the joystick's hit box, the result is going from a hard turn to straight without the intent.
-the right side buttons are located top to bottom, making it difficult to determine which button fires which weapon.

Issues with arrow controls:
-the buttons are floating in the middle of the screen (away from the corner), making them hard to locate.
-the hit boxes are too small.
-the right side buttons are located top to bottom, making it difficult to determine which button fires which weapon. I don't think it matters where the break is positioned

Smart & responsive controls. But lacks organization and the hit boxes are too small.

-good AI
-they bump into you and fire
-it is clear that they're competing for 1st place

-great physics
-fits the arcade style we all know and love
-no merging when crashing into other cars
-opponents (and yourself) can hit your (opponents) tail but the car won't completely spin out of control. It just makes you skid & slows you down. This allows you to get back in the race immediately.
-Theres drafting and it works well. If someone is ahead of you, you can tail behind them and gain speed. You can then quickly drive off to the side while maintaining your speed, allowing you to pass them up. It doesn't take too long and it doesn't happen instantly. Plus it is a bit difficult to do at times because the AI is constantly on the move

-this is the area where the game lacks
-all track feel repetitive and dull
-so far I've only raced on two gray tracks and two brown tracks. They feel like the same tracks but reskinned
-it feels like NFS MW (ios) but with less variety

Gun Fights:
-all weapons seem fun to use
-getting a kill is very satisfying
-everything is top notch, it feels like death rally but more interactive

-multiplayer does seem like the perfect fit. Throw in a rating system and you're set. But ofc it is much much easier said than done.

Its overall a fun and exciting racing experience. Even though the maps are not amazing, the gameplay and competition definitely makes up for it.

-like I stated before maps lack in variety
-plenty of vehicles, weapons, paint jobs, and upgrades.
-3 control schemes
-plenty of game modes

UI & Menus
-easy to navigate menus. Nice and simple
-the UI is nice and clear, shows your MPH, position, lap, and time
-the map has a flaw: it doesn't reset when you've completed a lap.
-The menus do not emphasize the game-modes enough. I often hop into a race without even knowing which game mode I am racing. A specific loading screen for each game mode would be nice, with a brief explanation on how to play it.
-the game does not emphasizes progression enough. It is a fun game, but I havn't gotten the hooked feeling where I want to continue playing and where I cant wait to unlock the new car.

The Verdict
For an indie game, this is amazing. It really shows how much work and effort you put into this. The combat is very fun and the races are very fun. The tracks and controls fall a bit short though.

You need to emphasize the progression system more. Add a trailer in the beginning of the game where it shows off the intense big guns races. Make the tutorial intense and exhilarating. Something that can promote how awesome this game is

Overall its a great pick up and play game. I don't see why any arcade racing fan shouldn't pick it up.

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09-02-2014, 11:17 PM
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Here is my first impression:

The game is almost good. But I don't like the control too much. I don't like TILT style, so I can't talk about it. But with ARROW and JOYSTICK control, they are taken so far on the iPad screen, so sometimes I can't have a good control when I want to turn right. And with the ARROW control, the buttons are so small to me... I think so...

Pine Entertainment
09-03-2014, 06:44 AM
Battle Riders - Feedback

I want to thank everyone, but especially oscar123967 for the detailed and well thought feedback. It's greatly appreciated!

I am carefully considering every point and will be making some changes in the first update the game will get (pretty soon actually as it seems I will have to support a new device resolution ).

With regard to the Controls, as this seems to be one of the main issues: you are all right, the arrows and joystick controls will receive a makeover, especially for the ipad. As for 80% of the development time I only had an iphone 4 as a device, the controls seem to suffer on other devices.

I also considered tilt control as the main option as it allows better and smoother control of the car and aiming. I am well aware that a lot of other games have not implemented tilt as good as they could and this has made a lot of players reject the idea, and also that there are situations where you simply can't use tilt. This is why I will improve the other control schemes as much as I can; with your help, of course.

Andre, I would advise you to at least give tilt control a try and see how it works. I assure you it is a lot smoother than you think. Also, if playing on an ipad, changing the tilt sensitivity in the options will allow for easier control without having to wave your arms around that much.

Also, for the tilt controls, I will lower the brake button.

Tracks: Indeed this is where I would've improved the game if I could. Hopefully, for Battle Riders 2 I will be able to get some help on development of assets and this will especially show for the environment. I already have tons of ideas, let's just hope I will get the chance to put them in practice.

Multiplayer: I am contemplating adding local head-to-head in a future update, as this is all that I can do, but it might not be the best option. For the next iteration of the game a full blown on-line multiplayer mode is a must.

Game Modes loading screens: There is actually a specific icon for each game mode that is shown in the background on the loading screens, behind the tips (the same icon as on the single race buttons). But it might not be prominent enough. Also the description of each game mode appears every time that mode is loaded for the first time, and then reappears every 4 loading tips.

The bar shown bellow the life shows overall race progress, so you can clearly see where you stand compared to all other racers and how much of the event you have completed. I also tried making it act like a radar (show the other cars as compared to your position) but it seemed better this way.

Again, I really appreciate all the feedback, and please keep posting any other thoughts.

Many thanks!