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Old 08-20-2014, 12:29 PM
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Guys how do I get the Crystal Orb from the fortune teller? I've done every single thing, but I always end up with the bandits knocking the orb out of my arms.
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Old 08-24-2014, 04:10 AM
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Hi everyone, I've been playing this game a lot - and have completed this quite a few times - in fact I registered on this forum solely because it's the most active discussion for Sorcery 1/2

I'm also trying to complete the 10 challenges posted by inkle - here are my thoughts on how to complete them and a few questions.

Met Vik the Slaver? •••Spoiler:  Once you reach the docks, get captured. In the hold tell the guards that you know Vik and tell Vik that you know his friend Glandragor (from Sorcery 1). I don't think you can get or gain anything from meeting him - I tend to avoid getting captured because you lose half of your gold.

Met the founder of the City of Kharé? •••Spoiler:  I'm not sure what this is about - isn't the founder Lorag? You can meet him in the house and you meet him at the end, near the city gates. Am I missing someting?

Collected the Green-Haired Wig, the Cloth Skullcap, the Bracelet of Bone and the Gold-backed Mirror in a single run-through? (And we mean, a single one!) •••Spoiler:  Cloth Skullcap - I'm not sure where to get this in Khare, I carried mine over from Sorcery 1. Let me know if you know how!
Green Haired Wig - In the fair, enter a booth and you'll see a guy wearing one. Cast a spell to cause depression and you can take it. Alternatively, once you meet Lorag at his house, he'll tell you to wear one and try to convert you into a ceature. Use the spell RAP to counter this and you can keep the wig.
Bracelet of Bone - At Hanna's mystery booth in the fair. When you get the option to cast a spell. use TEL to read minds - you MUST have the cloth skullcap. You can listen in to the creatures thoughts and then call out to annoy him - you'll get it as a prize. In case you rewind time and visit the fair again, you get a giant's tooth.
Gold-Backed Mirror - At Lorag's, attempt to repair it from the junk in his shed - you need a vial of glue to do so.

Bought the Legendary Sword? Or better still, bought it twice? •••Spoiler:  Buy the sword for 40 gold from the blacksmith in the second half of Khare. Once you return to the main square, you can go down where there are some shops - sell the sword for 60 gold to a weapons dealer (keep bargaining). Once you rewind time, you can buy it again for 40 gold.

Collected more than a hundred and fifty Gold Pieces? •••Spoiler:   I haven't tried this, but I suppose the main thing would be not to buy much stuff, keep winning swindlestones, sell the sword once and keep robbing the statue on the other side of Khare for 18 gold each time you rewind.

Burned down the market? •••Spoiler:  Visit the carpet seller and let him show you the carpets, then when you get a chance, cast HOT to burn the carpets and the market.

Met the Goblin King - and incite a Goblin revolt against him? - No idea, is this when you're down in the sewers or at the end? Can anyone help?

Rigged the fight in Dwarftown? •••Spoiler:  You need to get there quick so don't split off into other paths - you won't be able to rig it if you arrive late. You can cast a spell to help the pixie, but I don't think you get or gain anything from doing so.

Stolen gems and jewels from the God Courga? - No idea, please help EDIT: •••Spoiler:  Okay, I think I got this - at Courga's shrine in the Ziggaurat, when you're at the bottom you have an option to drop a coin in the gargoyle's mouth. When you climb and enter the shrine, you get an option of 'stealing treasure' after killing the temple snake - - dropping a coin in the gargoyle's mouth is necessary since I never got this path before. I've tried all options once you steal the treasure and it's not possible to gain anything, instead you end up losing stamina. So maybe it's just a trap for greedy players?

Gone bald? •••Spoiler:  Buy the potion of mystery in dwarftown and drink it. You can drink it infinite times, and each time your skill increases - so keep that in mind if you're having trouble in fights.

Whew. Now a few questions:
1) Is there anyway to stop •••Spoiler:  Vik and his werewolf army? At the end some guy tells you that Vik is planning his assault on the council, but that's it. Then you leave Khare. Is there anyway to influence this outcome?
2) The red-eyes prison - •••Spoiler:  Do you get anything useful from getting captured? You can help an Elvin escape, but that's it I guess?
3) The sewers- •••Spoiler:  Several times you get an option from going down a well into the sewers - this is the same place you land up if you step into a portal trap. Is there anything down here? I fought about half a dozen goblins but that was it.
4) Rope ladder - The one you get from the girl once you help her into her house. Any use for that?

And a couple of bonus things I found.
1) You'll come across a girl who needs help in getting up to her house. You can use the •••Spoiler:  TOP spell you found in Sorcery 1 in Daddu-Ley - the game text also mentions something to this effect. I'm curious if this will work if you did not continue from Sorcery 1, or if you did not visit Daddu-Ley
2) In the second half of Khare, you come across a creature - you can use a spell and a healing potion to cure it - and it turns out to be a girl suffering from the plague (remember the village from Sorcery 1?). But you don't get anything, even if you saved the plague village.

EDIT: And here is a way to get all 4 spell lines in 1 play through. I haven't tried this personally, because I don't want to lose out on the items that you get , but I'm almost certain that this will work.
It's important to remember that you get 1 line in the first half, and the remaining three in the second half of Khare.

Moulas: •••Spoiler:  Simply go to the shrine of Slaang and answer the easy question. You can change the god to Courga later.
Lorag:•••Spoiler:  Once you cross the river, you'll come across a square with multiple paths. Take the one with the blacksmith where you can purchase the legendary sword and keep going forward. You'll eventually come to Lorag's house. Answer his questions (may require some trial and error) and he'll tell you his spell line. Return to the main square after this.
Theetah: •••Spoiler:  Again from the main square, head back into the fallen quarter. Keep going and you will reach a junction where you will find Theetah. Help him by killing the harpies, and he will tell you half of his spell line. To get the second half of the spell line, you need to visit Courga's temple - this is near the end after you get the fourth spell line. Ask Courga about the missing part - he'll tell you and you will have the complete spell.
Shinva:•••Spoiler:   From the fallen quarter, after meeting Theetah, you can enter the graveyard. Explore the newere tombs and you can enter Shinva's mausoleum. Explore it, defeat the wraith and he will tell you his spell line

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Old 08-24-2014, 04:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Oldworldgamer View Post
I have discovered a glitch. I have a potion of mystery that can be taken infinite times and adds a point of fighting skill to the player character each time. She now has a fighting skill of 74 and it could easily be a lot more. Now she is invincible, where is the challenge in the game?

Has anyone else found the potion of mystery to have this effect?
Yeah, that's a glitch.

Originally Posted by Weezow View Post
Guys how do I get the Crystal Orb from the fortune teller? I've done every single thing, but I always end up with the bandits knocking the orb out of my arms.
I'm pretty sure you can't take the orb - the sole purpose of it is to •••Spoiler:  cast the FAR spell so you can get one of the lines.

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