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iPad: [Beta] Conjurer: Awoken - Need Testers!

05-19-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Thaumite View Post
Very very small bug found:Start a level - Do the usual, power up crystals, and when you see the things floating around it, big enough to notice - exit game - Remove it from background via double home - Load level back up and the things floating around JUST THOSE -no new- things disappear.
I also feel medium could be a touch harder, as I seem to not have any lives lost over the 8-9 or so levels completed.
Still fun and I am eager to see this when it comes out.
I hope development is going well.
Thanks for finding the bug! I fixed it in the new build I'll be sending out later today. Have your tried hard? I've been getting very mixed comments about the difficulty, with some saying medium was to hard.