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05-10-2013, 12:03 AM
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OK, so it went free for real today! (UK App store). Sorry for doubting you Miles!
I'll leave imps and a review once I've played it. Peace!
05-10-2013, 12:59 AM
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Yup it's free everywhere..will test it out ...
05-20-2013, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MilesG View Post
Since I can already see "shady speculations" developing, I thought I would come here and set the record straight.

The first/free QL game had a development time of 9 months. It had 1 playable ship and 4 levels at the release (with another level added on top of the RPG-like upgrade/progression functionality that came with a free update). It was downloaded by over 50,000 people and had an average review rating of 4.5 stars. It was never mentioned by anyone in the press, nor was it ever promoted by Apple. The only thing it had going for it was the ".99 cent Support Token" IAP which was driven by the "honor system".

Before it was pulled from the App Store a week ago, the total "profits" from the IAP were at staggering $150. (That's less than 2 bills, and definitely a LOT less than what is needed to cover the original 9 months of development). Perhaps some of you are NOT surprised by this fact, but I definitely was

Originally, a few of the users on this forum called the above an "experiment" and indeed it was. All of the feedback from the players was gathered (including the lack of support) and was put towards the HD version of the game you see today (which now has an additional 6 month development time/cost added to it).

As for "what you get"? All of the info is mentioned in the game's description as well as the screenshots. The first game had 5 levels, this game has 20. The first game had 1 playable ship, this one has 4. The first game had 6 shield/weapon upgrades, and this one has 16. And of course Game Center support and a more cohesive story was added as well (as per the user's requests/responses) and NONE of the original game levels were re-used (so you should NOT feel as though you are paying to re-play the original/free game).

There is no IAP this time around, and I can assure you that the aim was never to "rip anyone off". If you thought that the content in the original game was between $1-2, then I can assure you that the content of this game does indeed justify the $5 price tag.

And as for the game's style/genre? It is what it is. If you are NOT a fan of on-rails shooters, then this game is NOT for you. It is that simple As mentioned already in this thread, there are plenty of "virtual joystick" style games out there, and while you could say that Q-Legacy is "inferior" due to it's on-rails concept, at least it tries to be unique with what it delivers (and is far from being just another clone on the App Store).

On another note: the members of this forum were one of the few who supported the original game, so if you feel that you were "cheated" in any way by offering your IAP support the first time around (only to see the game being pulled and replaced by another version) and/or if you feel you are unable to spare the $5 needed to "support" this game, please feel free to shoot me an email (either via this forum contact, or the support link on the App Store) and I will be glad to provide you with a free promo code to the new game.

Lastly, for those who recall the original game info, please keep in mind that Q-Legacy is NOT a product of a company or a corporation. It is the work of a few indie individuals who have invested their own personal livelihood in this project. And while I have always hoped that the "honor system" IAP approach could have worked, unfortunately 99% of the 50,000 who played the original/free game did not even bother to say "thank you" for what they received

I suppose it's a sign of the times
Oh yeah, you ARE shady. I hope to get your dev account revoked in the near future.