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Wanted: Your feedback! [Banana Blast]

11-14-2013, 06:03 PM
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Hi Broxxar!
This gameplay fondly reminded me of Nyan Cat Adventure for some reason. I would just like to suggest thinking about your purplish-obstacle-thingies that block your shots. Maybe you could brainstorm them a bit further and have them be "enemy" monkeys, waiting to block your trajectory or something. Forgive me if I'm missing some important details, but I think you could enhance your premiss even further by visually developing the game's primary obstacles - something that would tie back in to your world of branches and bananas. And if you REALLY want to be challenged, perhaps think about going in and adding even more detail to your art assets, like the background layers, etc. I like what you're making here, and I'm just trying to challenge you to take this as far as you possibly can.
Good hunting my friend!

Blind Albino mixes art, humor, and technology right into the palm of your hand. Enjoy!
11-14-2013, 06:48 PM
Some quick feedback:

- Could have the monkeys head sticking out of the barrel he's in, ideally showing his eyes. That adds more personality to the game, rather than resizing the current barrel.

- Some interesting game elements, but needs an overall objective to progress against; Like levels, collecting a certain number of bananas, traveling a certain distance, beating a timer, escaping from something or (my preference) a mixture of the above. eg: If a banana meter was filling up as I progressed, it would give me more incentive to get bananas. This is why so many games use the 3-star rating system as an incentive.

- I found the inter-screen scrolling a bit abrupt.

- Unlockable character is yellow; too similar to the bananas.

11-15-2013, 03:45 AM
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I've played with the web version for a minute...

When the monkey jump, it is way to hard to see it (it's mix with the smoke), make the smoke less obvious or a different color (light grey?).

Big big big problem: no idea where is the monkey (witch barrel I am controlling), that's a MUST FIX NOW before doing anything else. Yes, you make it scale up/down but that's way not enough. I like the suggestion about having his head out of the barel.

good luck.