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05-31-2014, 10:44 PM
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long reply incoming, I like enjoy replying to folks, even if my posts get wordy

@WildBastion : Yeah I'll talk with Avanti about that. I'm not sure it would entail, like how much of the game has hooks into iOS7-only functions but it's on our list of things to go for, along with Universal support.

@undeadcow : Thanks for your early impressions The game opens up as you either go deeper into a set of classes or focus on filling out all the skills of one, I'm hoping the balance post-early game still feels good.

@themadbat : To be perfectly honest I'm not completely sure. I think you could rush through everything and just grind levels/gear for a while and then blitz through dungeons and bosses Maybe 12-14 hours if everything lines up right? I think if you pace yourself and not rush it's probably closer to 15-18, though.

Regarding the lack of RPGs, I think you nailed it, it's generally an asset-heavy genre to pursue and right now quicker, easier to make games like match-3's or runners have considerably higher returns on investment for companies. Sometimes a company can develop a good template to use as a base skeleton and fill in assets around it, I guess in a sense 'skinning' a new game onto a system and rolling with that, but even then it's a lot of time and money you'd have to invest to produce so even a basic platformer would give you better returns.

You just gotta do it for the love hehe.

@Crichton333 : Hey now, we have at least /counts. okay we have at least 2, probably 3

@B1GW1G : Thanks Time-permitting we'd like to do that but I guess we'll have to see realistically how much time we can put towards adding content. One good thing is that a majority of the system frameworks are done so it's really a case of producing the assets and implementing them (and testing/balance heh).

@ImJPaul : I think the game should be even better when you do get to it then hehe

@melocoman : I'll be honest I think it was just sleep deprivation, the last 72 hours have been really crazy. I'm not sure what day/night it was when I saw our main post here but I remember rolling my mouse over the different stars for a while, back and forth and then waking up later. Closed up my laptop and didn't think about it until now when you brought it up haha. Is there a way to un-rate something? If not you can rate it down to balance it out to what seems fair haha.

I think tonight/tomororw I'm gonna take a brief break from things, staying up till 5 and getting up at 8 has been a bit rough on my old body lol. But come Monday night it's back to getting more stuff out to everyone ^_^

Oh before I forget, Patch Notes patch notes
Patch ver1.01 :
* Fixed empty enemy encounters
* Fixed duplicate quests
* Fixed an issue that occurred when the sound fx setting is turned off, combat button found fx don't play.
* Fixed a bug causing characters in the 3rd and 4th party slot to save with 1 HP and MP.
* Fixed an issue that occurred when new game is selected, gates and dialogs are handled properly.
* Added a Restore to Korda.
* Fixed quest-related issues where players could not redeem certain completed quests. All completed quests should now be able to be redeemed.
* Fixed an issue with some characters not being added during a dialogue
* Fixed Archer ability "Fire in the Sky".
* Potions and food will show the HP and MP gain when selected in the Armory View.
* Food items can only be used outside of combat.
* Marks will update properly in shops.

edit: 06.01.2014
Yikes well like they say, 99 little bugs in the code 99 little bugs in the code Take one down, patch it around 117 little bugs in the code. We fixed the issue of having the 3rd and 4th party slot characters restarting with 1HP and 1MP, that's been fixed but the characters Maltrus and Hered now restart with 1HP and 0MP. The duplicate quest bug shows up for one of our quest givers, still, so we'll have to really convince him to not give that quest out multiple times in our next patch.

These are relatively easy fixes, but unfortunate side effects of the initial patch, which we'll, well, now patch 1.01 is waiting for review but I think it should hit tomorrow (crossing my fingers on that) so it'll go through quickly. We'll be rolling the fixes out in our next patch, which we're working on already ^_^

Just wanted to update this, but didn't want to bump the thread needlessly. Thanks again for checking our thread out

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06-02-2014, 08:14 AM
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Any chance you could also fix sizing on iPhone 4? There's just a little bit cut off length-wise and it's really starting to bug me. Also, on the skills, I can only see part of the description and it looks like there should be more, but no way to see if there is more to the description. Other than that and the constant crashing, the game feels really good so far and I'm quite enjoying it. Trying out different class combination, although, with what's-her-face-with-the-bow (can't remember her name), ricochet is pretty good at killing most things aroun me in one hit.

06-02-2014, 04:18 PM
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@Firefly0704, Is there a specific screen that has sizing issues or are they all off, length-wise, on your iPhone 4? I'm trying to find my 4 that I had used for testing last year, I *think* I know what happened but I want to make sure it's not something else that I'm thinking of.

The skill descriptions were unfortunately a mix of the actual descriptions and our internal development notes, so some of them are very wordy and get cut off, looking like there should be more to it; all of that should have been edited properly, that was my fault for missing that when I did a pass through on the skills. This will be fixed partially in this upcoming patch and then in the subsequent patch after that.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game though, we're still looking into the OpenGL bug that's causing the crashes in 7.x, but we'll hopefully get that nipped very soon. Testing out class combinations is a lot of fun, although Jendra (girl with the bow) really plows through earlier content with Ricochet, like you noticed. We're debating about adjusting the cost-per-use on it, along with other AOE spells, so it doesn't trivialize early content quite as much, although once you get hit the level 10+ mobs their HP pools ramp up a bit and Ricochet doesn't result in one-shot kills.

We're still tinkering with our Attack damage vs. Skill damage/cost, actually talking with Avanti about that right now. We're looking into adjusting weapon damage to make Attacking more of a viable option than burning through MP, along with adjust some MP costs.

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06-05-2014, 12:16 AM
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First things first I do want to say I'm enjoying the game, even just the simplicity of it. However there are some issues I'm running into:
1. I hate how some mobs are showing but they don't start the battle and so I have to quit and reload the game.
2. There needs to be the ability to switch hands instead of having d-pad on the left only. I usually play with right hand.
3. In town NPCs start clipping/glitching and is annoying like where their legs are.
4. Most importantly but are some of the classes incomplete? I'm rolling archer and priest and the priest has the 2 basic skills that are functioning and all other skills have skill animations but don't have a skill cost and 1 CD. Especially priest class has 2 skills that work while other skills work but they are self buff and last 1 turn. Another thing class is the paladin which also has a couple skills as blank.
5. There needs to be a general direction while this is combat heavy the game currently for me seems like grinding levels to explore the dual class system. Maybe integrate more than kill x mob quest. Which also reminds me that some of the quests don't give a reward when completing.

Overall I like the system and how the game works but it took me a while by fiddling around with all the buttons to see what there really was to explore.
06-05-2014, 04:49 PM
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Glad to hear you're enjoying the game, hopefully the patches will add to your enjoyment Regarding your points, lemme address them one by one:

1- This was an issue where some of the encounters got unlinked from their table so they'd just be roaming sprites with no encounter attached to them. The current patch we have live now addresses a couple but we missed a bunch, those should be fixed with the patch we're pushing out tomorrow.

2- I told my friend about that and he thinks he has a solution I'm downloading a test build right now with it, but he thinks he has it working. If we can ensure it's a stable addition we'll push it out with tomorrow's patch, but if not it'll be there in the immediate next one ^_^

3- Yeah this is a bit of a mess hehe. My friend said it's some conflict that popped up between OpenGL and Cocos2D, he's looking into what's causing the call glitch since it doesn't show up for all animation frames, but will consistently for certain directions/sprites. Right now we just have it about 20% fixed, the next 80% will be addressed in a future patch as soon as we nail down a consistent and stable fix.

4- I'll admit, Priests got a lot of neglect as we developed the other classes, we used them as an initial test bed to see if the skill framework would work out well but just forgot about them as we worked on all the others. They'll be getting a buff, maybe a big overhaul actually, in an upcoming patch (not tomorrow's, possibly the next one after, though).

Paladins are missing some skills, we had debug placeholders accidentally left in and when we did a once over just missed them. Those should be fixed in the same patch where we update the priest abilities.

5- This was a design mistake on my part, I wanted to give a loose end goal but leave it up to the player to explore, kill things, find loot, but I should have put more markers to guide the player along towards the end goal. We'll be adding more quests and dialogue events over the next few patches to ease in the story and beef it up.

Again, thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying the game. We're looking to keep adding things in for as long as we can (pie in the sky, if everything goes well it'll be another year or two of content updates at the very least) and hope you'll find more things to enjoy about Elthinia ^_^

I wanted to post, too, that Patch 1.01 is out and live! It addresses some of the early encounter/combat bugs that were pretty bad, fixes some of the mobs that were missing encounters (but not all, those will be nipped in the bud soon, though), fixed an issue with 3rd and 4th party member HP/MP totals (while adding another bug to Maltrus and Hered which will get fixed in tomorrow's patch), and a whole bunch of other small fixes.

This is just the start, though. The patch we have set for tomorrow (1.03) will add a couple more pieces of gear for mid/late-game players to pick up to help with their adventuring along with rolling out more bug fixes we found after submitting 1.01 for approval. The patch after that, 1.05, will start adding more content like areas to explore, rare beasts to tame for the Beastmaster class, additional equipment to find and buy, an overhaul of the Priest class and adjustment of the Paladin skill set, and additional bits of story as we work towards our big content update.

Thanks for checking this out! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to post here or drop us a line on Twitter or email

Oh yeah, I forgot to note this down, but we're working on making Elthinia truly Universal, no definite ETA but we're working on adjusting all of the art assets so they'll scale and look proper It'll add some bulk to the game but hopefully it won't be *too* bad of a bump.

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06-09-2014, 01:32 PM
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Had a few bumps this weekend and our test builds ended up taking a while to build, but we'll be submitting ver1.03 to Apple tonight The HP/MP bug should finally (finally ^_^) be gone along with the duplicate Quest bug that's been showing up and a few others.

We added a few more items to help ease along some leveling transitions, a couple food items for the summer, and adjusted a few of the AOE spells which were very under-costed.

Working on our next patch which should focus a lot more on content and trying to quash out the OpenGL bug we're hitting. Thanks for checking this out!

Oh, this is in, too. As requested, GaussEX, we added functionality to allow you to swap the D-Pad over to the right side ^_^

ver1.03 Patch notes --
* For iPhone 4/4S, the Guild and Profile views are now adjusted properly.
* Improved shop items - Increased costs respectively as Marks were very easy to come by over time but we've also adjusted overall stats such as damage output on weapons to compensate.
* Fixed: Doom Knight sprite and nameplate. Gone are the days of the cyan boxes, he now shoes his true form!
* Fixed Quest Bug with duplicate quests (issues with quest file names).
* Fixed an issue with Trynne not being added to party properly.
* Mana potions work correctly (Mana potion in Armory would restores 1kMP
but in combat, it is +30 HPs).
* Added: Mendian Deli Bake to shops in Callan, Ghalias, and Vecta.
* Added: Mendian Jellies to shops in Callan, Ghalias, and Vecta.
* Added: Halshan Gilded Plate to shops in Callan, Ghalias, and Maledri.
* Added: Halshan Gilded Gauntlets to shops in Callan, Ghalias, and Maledri.
* Added: Ruby Drakestooth (purchasable at Callan) to Callan General Store.
* Added: Large Citrine (added to gem drop table).
* Added: Medium Citrine (added to gem drop table).
* Added: Small Citrine (added to gem drop table).
* Added Chromatic Brooch.
* Adjusted Boldrin's Thunder (+MP cost, +Cooldown).
* Adjusted Sweeping Blade (+MP cost, +Cooldown).
* Adjusted Ricochet (+MP cost).
* In Skill View, costs are applied when abilities are used - No free spell casting, folks, sorry!
* Fixed Dougra dialogue events.
* Improved shop interface: show item stats (* show stats for an item in a shop).

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06-30-2014, 08:35 PM
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Review here was pretty harsh, I'm really interested in the game but I'm afraid if I don't wait for a few more patches I'll be like the reviewer and bail out before the game gets great
06-30-2014, 10:28 PM
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I'm gonna be honest, there's nothing in Shaun's review that I don't agree with, he was more than fair with his criticisms and I appreciate his upfront honesty with his assessment of the game; it sounds like he had ver1.01 instead of 1.03, but I don't think that would have swayed him either way since it did fix the non-encounter mobs but doesn't address his primary concerns about the game. There are reasons why we had to launch Elthinia in the state we did, and why our updates aren't hitting as fast as we had hoped, but as our regular job-stuff smooths out over July we'll be able to get back to tuning things better. Again I can't disagree with the review, there are some problems with the game that really need addressing still

If I were on the fence on buying this I'd actually wait for a few reasons, at least until August We're retooling the game's beginning experience, I'm cutting some dialogue lengthiness and spreading it out a bit more over townsfolk and experiences since we know for sure now that we'll be able to fire updates for a while, and we're adding a bunch of game content from early game to end game (for 1.x), from a lot more folks to add to your party, content to clear through, things like that. We'll also be dropping the price a little, so you might as well get more content for less, right?

It'll overall be a better experience I think than it is right now, with more stuff to do to boot. After that patch hits we'll do more bug fixes and small content updates while we work towards the next major content update in November/December. ^_^

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07-24-2014, 05:24 PM
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Any idea on when next patch will be out despite the negative review this sounds intriguing to me(especially after finishing dq8)
07-26-2014, 10:45 PM
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Hey hey We had some big setbacks when I moved to Mavericks for OSX, it broke a lot of our java tools that we had been using all this time to generate our map and interface assets, it's actually still not 100% but we've duct taped a lot of stuff together so I can get back to generating content, albeit at a slower pace.

I'm going to cautiously (and hopefully) say that the end of August is our target for our first big content update, but that might roll into September if my friend's project load gets shifted around and his secondary proposals get accepted. We're still looking at retooling the first 15min. where you get dropped into the world; we've already adjusted down the mob contact range to 1 square so it feels far less like a random encounter and more avoidable, and have started reconfiguring all of our abilities so they're more inline with each other; some were based off of elements so they bypassed armor and seemed super strong while others were balanced around mob level/armor so they seemed really weak if you started shooting past mobs of your level.

The game will have a few more guild members to pick up earlier so you get more variety in player character choice along with a lot more equipment to find/buy and tinker with, just more stuff in general done a bit more right than it's been so far hehe.

Glad you're interested, I'd hold off until late August to check for the patch (I'll post up here as we get close and then when the patch launches) and then maybe give that a shot

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