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Originally Posted by Geometry F. View Post
Plasmatic sounds cool!
Originally Posted by Splash View Post
plasmatic, 100%!! it sounds so cool :3
Name changed to "Plasmatic". Thanks, glad to finally get that unintentional dinosaur association out of there.

(Did anyone ever notice that? )

"A termite goes into a bar and asks, 'Is the bar tender here?'"
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[P.S]: The first video is my part in a 3 person collab. And the second is a test/prototype of a new level concept idea I came up with.

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My name got changed finally!:D:D:D

Nine circles complete!(first hell demon)
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2.1 Sneak Peek?

Searching for Clans!!!
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Originally Posted by GDDreamzy View Post
2.1 Sneak Peek?
What about that?
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Originally Posted by GDDreamzy View Post
2.1 Sneak Peek?
The 2.1 sneak peek!
In cinemas "soon"!
See it in Imax 2D!