App description: Become the most infamous galactic smuggler in Galaxy Dash!

Galaxy Dash combines the exciting gameplay of an endless runner with the thrill of space combat! Use lasers to blast your way through obstacles, engage in ship to ship combat, and collect valuable loot!

- Dodge space obstacles or blast your way through!
- Destroy enemy smugglers and steal their cargo!
- Level up your Crew to enable special powerups!
- Unlock and upgrade an arsenal of powerful ships!
- Complete missions to increase your rewards!
- Colorful and vibrant HD graphics!
- Challenge your friends for the high score!

TouchTapPlay: "The game's graphics are so colorful and well done that it's really impossible to not get charmed by them."

Pocket Gamer Bronze Award winner: "A gorgeous, varied endless runner that makes a good fist of refreshing a well worn genre."

148Apps: "With its robust amount of opportunities for fun player interactions it might just exceed your expectations."

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Presented by SuperMoon Games, LLC as a Universal App with hd graphics optimized for retina display.

For the best experience, we recommend playing Galaxy Dash on an iPhone 5/5s/5c, and iPads with retina display. Galaxy Dash is not compatible with the iPhone 4.

PLEASE NOTE: Galaxy Dash: Race to the Outer Run is entirely free to play. However, some in-game items are available for purchase with real-world currency. If you'd like, you can disable this in-app purchase feature in your device's settings.

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PeteOzzy's comments:
NZ Release info:

The Game is out in New Zealand. Size of the app is 70.1 MB.

Price in NZ is Free.


Requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPod touch (5th generation). This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Fly your starship through the galaxy as you dodge
asteroids, blast enemies, and complete missions!

- Simple swipe controls!
- Colorful and cartoony HD graphics!
- Destroy enemy ships and asteroids!
- Collect valuable crystals!
- Unlock and upgrade powerful ships!
- Hire a charismatic Crew to enable powerups!
- Complete missions and increase your multipliers!
- Challenge your friends for the high score!

Join the App Store's most exciting space adventure!

Download for free today and become the most
infamous pilot in the galaxy!

Presented by SuperMoon Games, LLC as a Universal
App with hd graphics optimized for retina display.

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iPhone Screenshots:

09-17-2014, 06:13 PM
Hi everyone!

We're excited to announce that Galaxy Dash is now available worldwide! You can download the game from the following link:

We hope you get a chance to play and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback!


~ The SuperMoon Team
09-17-2014, 06:15 PM
Played this on soft launch, and I definitely recommend it. A nice departure from the traditional behind the back runners without being too "alien" (sorry, couldn't resist)

The free to play balance is spot on as well, and so is the art. All around fun experience
10-07-2014, 11:52 AM
I'm playing this game on Android and so far it is very good.
Thank you.

Here are my feedbacks:
- in Crew page it would be helpful to know the current duration (example: Rebel, current duration 5.0 seconds)
- in Ships page it would be helpful to know the current statistics of each ship (example: Cosmic Shuttle, 4 Shields, +30% regeneration, 5 energy, +20% damage, +10% recharge, 2 cargo, +10% value)
- when the course go up/down it is impossible to hit anything, please limit up/down movement
- the first free continue is really a good idea, but the normal continues should cost much less, starting from 1 and increasing.
- I have leveled up all crew members, maybe increase the level limit to 30 ?
- The Smuggler's Edition costs too much in my opinion. If it was 1.99€ I would have bought it without any remorse.
- What is the Lost Galaxy? At least give us some teaser (a chance to try it each week?)

15/10/2014 Additional notes
- The first free continue is really really awesome
- I've completed all missions and this has lessened the incentive to play. There should be an infinite number of missions: do award crystals after the score multiplier has been maxed.
- Crystal progression is not really good: the game should reward more crystals in deeper galaxies
- The ship should be invincible for a second or so when an armor level is depleted: if you are unlucky you can loose three or more levels in quickly succession.

Last edited by klipp; 10-15-2014 at 04:21 AM.
10-16-2014, 07:49 PM
Hi Klipp,

Thanks for all the valuable feedback! We'll make a note of these items and see if we can include them in a future update. I especially like the idea about earning a Crystal reward for continued mission progress.

Thanks for playing!

~ The SuperMoon Team

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