iPhone: Pocket God Ooga Jump: episode 1

10-30-2013, 01:19 PM
Pocket God Ooga Jump: episode 1

Hey Guys, long time no chat.

We have been hard at work on multiple things over the last year including getting rid of a lot of distractions that have been sucking the productivity away from us for a while now. I will be doing some posts in the next week on our blog about what's been happening including the status on The Runs and what we are looking toward in the future.

So, Ooga Jump. This game came out of the fact that the Runs was just taking too long for us to finish in a reasonable amount of time so we needed to find a project we could finish in 2 months. 8 months later Ooga Jump was born. It's funny, I've always tried to warn other developers about being too ambitious with their projects because thats the easiest way to ensure you never finish it. Over ambition hit us with the Runs and it also hit us with Ooga Jump.

Don't get me wrong, Ooga Jump is a fun game, the graphics are stunning and we are incredibly proud of it. It's just that when we set out to make Ooga Jump we wanted to take the jumping game from Pocket God and transform it into a solid stand-alone game. Upgrade the game play, add a lot more variety, add customizations and add a good meta game (collectibles, objectives, etc). We ended up trying to make the most epic jumping game that anyone has every seen. lol, which might not match what most people think about jumping games.

The game has a ton of animations, funny sacrifices (the ghost power-up actually sacrifices the pygmy before the game starts and each sacrifice is custom to the pygmy you are playing). We decided to make the graphics 100% retina with no compression because we thought that would make the game look amazing.

It looks amazing but the app is big for a jumper. Eli actually warned me about this, and so far people are giving feedback about the game being too big for a jumper. We will be fixing this in one of the next updates. I am planning on doing weekly or bi weekly updates to tune the game and this will be one of our higher priority fixes. If you have a non retina device one of the next updates will be a lot smaller than it is now.

About the game play. We didn't make a clone of any jumping games that are available now. We really wanted this to stand on it's own and have some mechanics that are special. At the same time, we didn't want to make the game unrecognizable to people who like jumpers. We had a ton of different prototypes early on where we experimented with slowing time down matrix style, where we gave the pygmy different types of weapons that gave him special abilities when you tap the screen. What we settled on was Slam Bouncing like Mario Brothers. when you tap the screen you slam down hard on the platform below you and jump 50% higher. If there is something breakable below you like a player sign or a gem crystal, you smash it and collect gems. It's actually pretty fun and satisfying. It gives the game a much more arcady feel.

We also added some unique obstacles to the game. We added wind sections which feel pretty good. since its a tilt game it really feels like you have to lean into the wind in order to not fall off the platforms. We added a monkey that copies your every move and if you jump on the same platform twice he rips your face off. A dodo drops turds on you as you are climbing. There is an ant section where you have to tilt a magnifying glass to burn their ant fill before you can pass. We really tried to experiment with things we thought would be cool that we haven't really seen in this type of game.

Another thing that Ooga Jump has is some pretty awesome game center integration. We post signposts in the middle of the game that show your friends image and name and you can smash them for gems. We also have a cool high score challenge mode that is integrated into the game that we plan on expanding in the future. and all this is integrated into the game. you don't have to open a game center panel to get to it.

So I hope you guys give the game a chance. If anything I hope we've proven with Pocket God that we support our games and respond to issues that people have. Right now, this is the only game on our plate. We cleared off all our other projects and this is what we are working on. We will probably start thinking about what our next game will be between now and the end of the year, but as of now our plan is to add content to Ooga Jump. We want to expand the challenge mode to add things like betting gems with your friends. We have a long list of themes and customizations that are coming. New game modes, like a nightmare difficulty mode. We have a huge list of objectives that we will be adding to with each update.

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Will you still be working on the original Pocket God?