App description: - Retro style game.(Dot,Pixel)
- Simple control, hard difficulty.
- If you reach a certain number of points then ninja's clothes changes beautifully
(change to gold ninja!)

5point : Muffler
10point : Spaulder
15point : Big ponytail
20point : Mask
30point : Helmet
40point : Red Clothes
50point : Gold Muffler
60point : Gold Spaulder
70point : Gold Ponytail
80point : Gold Mask
90point : Gold Helmet
100point: Gold Clothes

*************** Introduction ***************

Clumsy newbie the ninja challenges a difficult task again today.
It is called "ChallNinja".
If you want a game which is simple,difficult, and addictive ...
If you want to have the fighting spirit to win...
Download right now! All Free.

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************ How to play ************

- When the ninja steps on the floor,touch the screen.
- If the ninja does it successfully , you will get a point.
- If the ninja does it perfectly , you will get 2 points
- If you touch or be late before the ninja steps on the floor then the game is over!

hwadock's comments:

Have fun
03-17-2014, 10:15 AM
Originally Posted by Exact-Psience View Post
Yeah... remove the tutorial part on each of a replay beyond the first game.

A "tap anywhere to replay" would be good for this type of gameplay.
yes,i will

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