App description: Create your own Odd Squads and lead them into battle against your friends in this fun, quirky, and deep strategy game! Collect all the Oddities to create the best squad for your strategy.

Welcome to Odd Squad, a strange and hilarious world full of everything from grumpy wizards, death rays, and teleporters, to potions, treasure chests, and mysterious turbans. Start with a mighty collection of Oddities and earn others through glory and wit on the battlefield.


- Easy to play and learn
- Deep strategy to master
- Challenge your friends or random opponents
- Unique and quirky art style
- Funny Oddities like "Murderous Medic" and "Wall of Annoyance"
- Random battlefields for endless variation
- A powerful starter collection
- Collect more Oddities to open up new strategies
- Design different squads for different styles of play
- Game Center and iCloud

Download now to start exploring the odd world of Odd Squad!

berkeleymalagon's comments:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Berkeley Malagon (@BerkeleyMalagon) and I'm the founder of a new mobile game studio named "FireStick Games", based in Seattle. Before this, I was the CEO of the company that created "The Moron Test", the popular mobile brainteaser.

The three of us at FireStick have just released "Odd Squad", a free, turn-based PVP, tactics/strategy game with a deep collectible-component aspect.

The team has invested a lot of love and passion to make a game that is, in our opinion, the best strategy & tactics game available in mobile - even with all the rough edges that come with any v1.0. Early response has shown that it manages to be the "real" CCG ("collectible-component game") that, for instance, "Magic: The Gathering" players will love, while not alienating casual gamers. We couldn't be more proud of this game.

Unlike other tactics/strategy games in mobile, Odd Squad doesn't gloss over the collectible-component aspect. Each component is a unique "Oddity" and plays an interesting role with its particular powers, attributes, and effects. You earn more Oddities by playing PVP matches, and then you use those Oddities to design Squads that fit your (or your opponent's) play style. This will sound familiar to TCG fans who maintain expansive collections of cards to draw from, and build smaller "decks" for actual matches. This gives Odd Squad a deeply engaging, open, and personal feel - players have the space to hone and master their unique strategies.

The whole game was concepted, designed, illustrated and developed by only two people - a bad-ass artist named Anna Berentsen (@TheAnnagator) and a beast-like game designer, developer, and producer named Josh Lytle (@joshlytle). Anna is an avid video game fan and has worked on everything from sprite sheets for casual 2D games to complex 3D models for first-person shooters. Josh, among a lot of other things, has done a ton of design in the CCG space, including work on "The Spoils", an actual, physical TCG ("trading card game") that was critically acclaimed.

Please take a few minutes to check out this game. Your feedback would (honestly) really help shape our roadmap. And if you love the game, please share it with your friends, family, followers... anyone. We're a small, independent studio on a tight budget (no publisher, no investors, no backers, just us) so every bit helps. We're investing out-of-pocket and losing sleep to keep this game going because we believe in it and we think this is a game that has been missing in mobile, and we know we're the team to build it.

Thanks for your time and attention - I know this is a long post.

Odd Squad:
Game Center: "firestickgames".
Twitter: @OddSquadGame

Hope to see you on the battlefields!

Berkeley Malagon and the team here at FireStick Games
06-24-2013, 09:39 PM
Indeed I got the bug a couple times on new games. It seems less frequent, though. Is it possible my opponents are using a previous version and that's the cause?
06-25-2013, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by qklilx View Post
Indeed I got the bug a couple times on new games. It seems less frequent, though. Is it possible my opponents are using a previous version and that's the cause?
That could be it. We'll look into it.
06-26-2013, 07:34 AM
I just discovered that if I tap a fighter twice, I get info about the tile it's standing on. Neat trick, very useful when I forget if my opponent's dragon is on a defense tile or not
06-26-2013, 10:29 AM
I think I need a step-by-step explanation of how the iCloud storing of my oddities and squads works...

I've turned on Documents and Data, and set iCloud to use the same AppleID as I use for Game Center, and looked at my collections screen, even built a new squad, and reset my phone with power+home button.

But when I go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup>Manage Storage I cannot see Odd Squad under the Documents&Data header, or anywhere else.

What am I doing wrong?
07-05-2013, 11:16 AM
The silence is killing me! I can see that the game is doing well, since I rarely have to wait more than a few minutes after starting a new game, but where did the developers go? Where are the posts about the next update, the fixes and tweaks, and the hints about great things to come? Maybe they're working on some other project - which I look forward to seeing - but it'd be nice to get some response here too.

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