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03-19-2014, 10:19 PM
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I do like the game but I agree with everyone, after playing a while, it's way too easy. Once you remove the timer and get 30% more gold, the entire game is a breeze.

So I would still put more money in to support a good dev like this but I think he'll need to work on fixing the game difficulty or skills since the only obstacle is the timer.

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03-19-2014, 10:30 PM
Originally Posted by Womble View Post
Does it get challenging? Ive done around 40 levels, and to say it is easy is a massive understatement.
That's the main fault

03-20-2014, 12:01 AM
I'm disappointed considering how good this game sounded and what it was hyped up to be.

Is it good?
Not bad, but definitely not great.

Is it worth getting the 10$ IAP?
Make sure you play it first. What the game sounds like and what the game actually is are very different.
Personally, I wouldn't even buy it if it were 0.99$.
03-20-2014, 08:38 AM
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This game rocks, the only thing you could add is gamecenter other than that keep the levels coming!
03-21-2014, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by eyeGamer View Post
For $10 I think you can get EVERY other match/puzzle/RPG game on the App Store.
You could grab:
10000000 - $1.99;
Dungeon Raid - $1.99;
Block legend - $1.99;
Puzzle Quest 2 - $1.99;
Lost light - $1.99 (which is a new game I love that's getting NO attention);
Glyph quest - FREE; &
WiZard quest - free!
Total for all 7 games = $9.95

You're still $0.04 cheaper than the one IAP in this game, and you have 7 games which are ALL better.
I understand and agree with the sentiment that the IAP in this game is too expensive and only for people who are familiar with other Artix games and want to support them.

However, I kinda feel like you're cheating by including Lost Light which is a normal puzzle game and not an RPG/puzzle hybrid. Wizard Quest and Puzzle Quest 2 kinda don't count in that they have consumable IAPs, so the true cost of those apps is debatable.

In regards to the difficulty in Battle Gems, it's mostly fairly easy except when you get to the dragon bosses which are a huge difficulty spike (but I think they're optional bosses).
Also, the combat system is more complex than I thought. You can unlock and equip "Powers" that do different things, like increasing damage depending on what type of gems you use in a row. There's only 25 in total, and I've only managed to unlock 2 of them. Along with automatically used skills that can have different effects, I can see the combat system becoming something better.

This game is still pretty much a work in progress. I think they need to tweak the difficulty balancing and add more content like a random battle mode as repeat battles give much less gold. I still recommend people try the game out, though only get the IAP if you want to support Artix on their first mobile project because it is priced pretty high. But hey, there's no consumable IAPs right now so it's already less dodgy than something like Spirit Stones.

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03-21-2014, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by L.Lawliet View Post
I wonder if anyone else put out $10 for this game. I'm just curious if the high price, 1 iap model works for them. They said it'll be there for at least a few months so it'll be while but I'm wondering if the price is too high or they should have gotten rid of it for smaller iap packs with a permanent energy bar? Interesting questions.

Well since the later areas have yet to be even made it seems like, there's room to improve or change difficulty imo. Still, without paying $10, the game is pretty generous in collecting and fighting. There isn't much of a paywall.
I put out $10 for the game. With the energy limit removed, you can continue to play as much as you want. It's essentially purchasing the game, which I prefer over many other freemium games, where you're forced to purchase some sort of premium currency/energy refill to immediately continue. I hope that the developers keep some sort of permanent unlimited energy pack, along with a skeleton key, that way players can essentially purchase the game.

I'm currently at level 244 (up to the boss in the sea area). Initially, the game appears to be very easy, but becomes increasingly more difficult after the first few areas. The lava type games require players to plan ahead, which makes it all the more challenging and "fun", since punching through a game gets boring after a while. Looking ahead, I noticed that there's a "Power" that can be unlocked where you can set the game to Hard difficulty, where monsters have double the amount of health. My current gripe is that the battles end up becoming repetitive. The current "quest" that I'm on requires me to beat 15 battles. This appears to be what a lot of the other later quests are like (8-15 battles to move on). This would become problematic for players with an energy cap as they'd have to wait for their energy to recharge. The other thing that I would like to see is that dueling not be restricted to Facebook friends. I've assigned my Battle Gems account to my personal Facebook and as a result, am unable to battle other online friends, since I'm not comfortable with adding online friends to my Facebook account. I would like to see players be able to duel by character ID, since every character has an assigned Character ID.

Overall though, this is a great game. The graphics are excellent and the game is full of puns. And for people that have played Artix Entertainment's other games, they'll be seeing a lot of familiar characters/items.

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05-08-2014, 11:04 AM
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Btw, does anyone know how to pvp in here?