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iPad: Magnifico (by Slitherine)

02-04-2015, 04:26 PM
Having recently acquired this game, I can safely say that I do not recommend it. While the game mechanics are excellent, the game length is pitifully short destroying any chance to really explore the interesting mechanics.

If there were an option to play for conquest, or majority map control, I'd give this an easy five stars... as is, it's a clever idea ruined by terrible victory mechanics.

Large pitched battles, actually using the interesting tech and upgrades are beyond rare. Most of my games end by turn 10, which is great for a physical boardgame but this is not a physical boardgame. Games tend to end when a clear winner is not established and games tend to end just when things are getting interesting in regards to tech/upgrades and map position.

An optional rule for victory conditions separate from victory points should be added. Varied house rules are essential for boardgame style videogames, just look at Talisman for a well developed transition.