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12-19-2015, 04:45 PM
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1.28 is out!
whats new? :

December 3, 2015 14:45
I took a break from working on Survivalcraft. Most recent update was in July and last post in April. Thats 5 and 8 months ago.

However, that does not mean I will not come back :-) Its all about getting burnt out and waiting for the spark to return. If you work on the same thing for several years, this sometimes happens.

I have been busy on 1.28 for some time now, slowly getting up to speed. First thing I want to show you are the proper digging cracks. No more progress circle!

I always wanted to do it, but I was afraid on small screens your finger will cover the block you are digging, and you wont see digging progress. As the screens are getting bigger and bigger this is no longer such an issue.

Theres more interesting stuff to come, Ill let you know soon!
December 5, 2015 14:49
No prizes for guessing what is the most interesting bit of this screenshot:

Of course its the gun! Its called musket, but I made it look like a rifle. This is because all 3D muskets I managed to make looked ugly in the game.

It has its own edit screen, like a crossbow (and the bow from 1.28 as well). Before firing you need to load some gunpowder, a wad and a bullet. Loading is intentionally a bit of a chore, more so than the crossbow. But the result is almighty powerful and makes a lot of smoke. Kills almost all animals with a single shot and scares away the rest. And there will be more than one type of ammo available.

Just be careful near walls or in enclosed spaces, bullets will ricochet and may hit you back. Not fun, especially on cruel! But this is common sense.

I will post a video soon.
December 9, 2015 17:29
More stuff coming in 1.28:

Iron ladders (slimmer than wooden ones) and iron signs. So that when you make a hi-tech building you wont have to use wood :-)



There are 256 variants of fireworks.

8 different burst shapes:

Small burst
Large burst
Short trails
Long trails
Flat trails
8 colors:

Plus 2 altitude variants (low and high) and additionally any firework can be made flickering.


Digging cracks
Added iron signs
Added iron ladders
Left-handed controls
Added particles when animal dies
Added musket
Added musket balls and buckshot
Improved animations for shooting and throwing
Improved animations for death
Made snowballs 3d
Bow has its own UI widget
Added fireworks
Increased durability of clothes
Fixed damage of bow, crossbow

My Survivlcraft: https://twitter.com/spoon3er
12-19-2015, 04:50 PM
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01-11-2016, 04:55 PM
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Hello guys, BIG update is coming !
Most important - we moved to 32bit blocks, it means lot of changes, small tweaks and open new possibilities.
Little summary:

From the last post you know that starting from the next version (1.29) Survivalcraft will use 32 bit blocks instead of 16 bit.

I am working through the existing blocks and updating them one by one to take advantage of this sudden abundance of bits.I am about halfway through with it and have lots more stuff done than just stairs painting. I will show you later.

Anyway, it is delicate work. I am sure I will break very many things. The chunks file format is changing completely. Additionally, I will of course provide backwards compatibility. You won’t notice anything when loading a 1.28 world into 1.29 game. But behind the loading screen, every block will be scanned and expanded, its bits jumping in all directions.

I noticed that you are speculating what difference 32 bits make from the technical point of view. Here’s a brief explanation:

In 1.28 and earlier, each block takes 16 bits in memory:

Number of bits (total 16) Usage
8 Block ID
4 Light intensity
4 Block data
In 1.29, the structure looks as follows:

Number of bits (total 32) Usage
10 Block ID
4 Light intensity
18 Block data
As you see, in 1.29 the number of data bits jumps from 4 to 18. And Block ID is encoded using 10 bits instead of 8, giving a total of 1024 block IDs instead of 256 (remember when I was saying we’re running out of block IDs? No more).

How does the game use data bits? Every block does it differently. Take stairs for example. First 2 bits encode rotation (4 possible rotations). Third bit says whether stairs are upside-down. Fourth and fifth bits encode corner state (00 – no corner, 01 – inner corner, 10 – outer corner, 11 – undefined). Bit 6 says whether stairs are painted. Bits 7, 8, 9, 10 determine paint color (one of 16), if bit 6 was enabled.

In total, 10 bits out of 18 are used by the stairs.

This new structure is actually still in the air. As far as I can see now, no block will use more than 16 bits of data. It means I could take 2 bits from the data and give it to Block ID. That would extend number of available block IDs to 4096 (from 1024) – and incidentally bring us to the structure used by Minecraft since anvil file format was introduced. I am still pondering which is best.

32bit Painting

Disable survival mechanics in Adventure
In 1.29 you will be able to disable survival mechanics in adventure maps. This means no hunger, stamina (panting), temperature and sleep deprivation.

It has been long requested, especially hunger and temperature are annoying and unnecessary on some maps.

Cute Notes

Sideways Logs


For 1.29 I wanted to increase the number of tool tiers. Another little step to make survival more rewarding.

The question was copper or bronze? I thought about it for a day.


Why? Bronze is an alloy and would require tin to smelt it with. Tin is not very useful on its own. Although I may be wrong on that – how about tin cans for preserving food, or solder? Anyway, it would look deceivingly similar to iron, which is a problem. And if we somehow decide to add tin cans, we can have bronze later on.

So copper it is. Another tier of tools, weapons, armor, everything.

The only problem remained. Copper was harder to find in the game than iron, yet it was not as strong.

I didn’t want to make copper items better than iron, that’s too unrealistic. The solution was to reverse difficulties of mining copper and iron. Hence the granite/basalt switch of copper and iron ores some of you noticed in the paint video. Good eyes and good reasoning!

Copper is now as easy to find as iron was in 1.28, iron is deep and much harder:

New tree type

For the first time since 1.0 back in 2011, I am adding a new tree type to the game.

Meet tall spruces.

1.29 brings improvements underground as well. With devices becoming faster and faster, I can tweak the numbers and make the engine generate more stuff without having 90% of the users complaining about low framerates.

Here come massive magma chambers:

This chamber is huge and more than 20 blocks deep, reaching maybe all the way to the bedrock.

All in all, about 15x as much magma than in 1.28. No longer is it safe to blindly dig ahead.

2x longer caves, with wider corridors and more branchings:


Dispenser not editable in Adventure
Projectiles damage does not bypass armor
Spawner eggs spawn 100% of the time in Adventure/Challenging, laid eggs only 20%
Conversion to 32bit blocks (more data per block)
Zip file decompression bug fixed
All stairs corners supported
Fixed stairs texture mapping to match other blocks irrespective of rotation
Projectile damage by large blocks reduced
Most electric devices can be mounted on the floor/ceiling (all gates, delay, SR Latch, Memory Bank, Truth Table, RT clock, Random Generator, DAC, ADC, Sound generator, Counter)
8 colors of LEDs
8 colors of 4-LEDs
8 colors of 7-segment displays
Lightbulb has variable intensity depending on voltage (0.8-1.5V)
Added adjustable delay gate with user-configurable delay of 0.00 to 2.55 seconds
All stairs can be painted
All slabs can be painted
Separate categories for painted and dyed blocks to reduce clutter
Added stone stairs
Added stone slab
Made most solid construction blocks paintable (bricks, granite, cobblestone, planks, marble, stone bricks, sandstone, basalt)
Made all fences paintable
Made all fence gates paintable
Fixed texture orientation on all cube blocks to be consistent
Made all signs paintable
Added tall spruces
Made forests 20% denser
Added horizontal wood logs
Fallen wood logs generate deep forests
Added paint stripper bucket to remove paint from painted blocks
Placing slab on top of another creates full block
Stone fence model updated to look better
Added brick fence
Added basalt fence
Added copper armor (boots, leggings, chest plate, helmet)
Added copper tool (axe, pickaxe, shovel, rake)
Added copper weapons (machete, spear, arrows)
Displaying number of worlds on singleplayer screen
Added wire through bricks block
Switched copper/iron availability – copper appears in granite (shallow), iron in basalt (deep)
Optimized fluid geometry generation
Added large magma pools underground
Added water pools underground
Playing sizzle sounds near magma
Fire sound intensity depends on number of fires
Bigger, longer, more branching caves
Digging cracks visible underwater
Digging particles
Painting particles
Improved cobblestone, marble, sand, sandstone textures
Added copper arrows
Added more grave treasures
Creatures on fire now extinguish themselves after a short time
Fixed fish attacking the rider of the boat instead of the boat
Made animals attack anything the player is standing on if they can’t reach
Added ability to disable survival mechanics in Adventure
Added sound generator particles (notes)
Improved piano sound (instrument 7)
Added long piano sounds (instrument 8)
Added drum sounds (instrument 9)
Added single buckshot ball recipe – but shooting single buckshot balls is weak and inaccurate
Added new iron ladder sounds
Disabled ladder climbing when flying
Fixed multiple instances of edit dialog when G is pressed many times on Windows 8.1/10
Fixed AI for running away to disregard dead attackers
Made boat stronger
Made glowpoints (eyes, leds, 7-segment displays etc.) look better
Added more treasure types to graves
Bigger pumpkin destruction particle system
Added screenshot size setting and fixed potential screenshot corruption on Windows Store

When I published 1.28 I wanted to add a big new feature to 1.29 that would make full use of the new 32 bit blocks. This is still definitely on but has been postponed to 1.30. Just look up to see how much stuff I had to do first :-)

My Survivlcraft: https://twitter.com/spoon3er

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01-24-2016, 09:33 AM
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There is a trial version of this game out now it's called

Survivalcraft Day One

I've been trying it out after playing a little bit of minecraft and I have to say I think this might be better. Should be higher in the charts.
01-24-2016, 06:49 PM
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Love this game so much. I'd love to see it on the AppleTV!!! 😆