BlastBall - Fair F2P model - Call for testers

02-05-2014, 07:19 AM
BlastBall - Fair F2P model - Call for testers

Hey guys, here at Monkube, we're tweaking the F2P model of our new puzzle game called BlastBall. The goal is to balance the game so the real 'games' among the mobile crowd never have the feeling of having to grind. Paying for In App Currency should purely be for those who want to take a short-cut to all power-ups (although they'll never have the training normal players have had) or to thank us because he/she likes the game.

We're planning a soft-launch too, but we need the go ahead of the real gamer crowd before we take that step.

If you want to participate, please send an email to
(You need an iPhone 4s or up, iPod 5 or up, or iPad 2 or up, to be able to play. Final game will support iPhone 4 and iPod 4 though)

About the game itself: BlastBall is a puzzle game co-created by legendary Boardgame Kris Burm. Inventor of the famed GIPF board game series, that still rules the Abstract board game chart after all these years (see )
Aside from the random ball placement at the start of each game, there is no random factor, there is no timer that favours those with fast reflexes, no candy, no jewels, no colourful characters.. Just pure gameplay.

AND, participating will get your name in the credits :-)

Oh, if you have any more questions, please note them here. We'll be happy to answer them.
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