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Default Luminux: Light Fusion

Luminux Trailer

The quickest way to the answer this question would be to watch the trailer just above.

Luminux is a Frantic Action Puzzler. We wanted to make something more than "just another" match three. Luminux gives the same rush as Tetris Attack always racing the clock to stay alive, while forcing the player to balance between setting up combos and clearing the field.

In Luminux the player maneuvers a field of Lums to arrange them in lines of 3 or more. Lums (the colored squares on the board) are moved by dragging them with your finger (or mouse.) Lums will push each other around, giving you the power to move everything from single blocks to entire columns and rows around at once, at your choice.

However, aligning 3 will only be enough to sustain empty spots on the field in order to survive. Scoring the largest points in the game involves lining up 4, 5, or even multiple rows of different colored lums at once! Increasing the number of blocks in a combo increases the points gained exponentially. Getting these large combos is very challenging to pull off, but thus extremely rewarding.

The thing that sets Luminux apart from other puzzle games is its simplified control scheme: Everything is moved simply by swiping it around. The only control is simply swiping your finger around on the screen! Designed specifically with touch screens in mind, we wanted the game to be as intuitive as possible. We were also tired of how standard match three games that only give limited Input to how you want to set up the field. In Luminux, everything is just a swipe away from where you want it.

Multiple Game Modes

Luminux will come with three game modes to cater to both lovers of fast paced action puzzler fans and the lovers of slower more methodical puzzle games.

Standard Mode- In Standard Mode Lums continuously spawn onto the field at an increasing rate as time goes on. creating a frantic race to balance combos and just trying to keep the field from filling.
Puzzle Mode- In Puzzle Mode Lums spawn after the player has made a certain amount of moves. Planning ahead becomes increasingly important as the amount of moves before Lums spawn decreases. Efficiency is of up most importance in this game mode.
Challenge Mode- In Challenge Mode, Lums spawn continuously as in Standard, but some of the blocks are Timed Blocks. Timed blocks must be destroyed in a limited time or they will turn to Gray Blocks, which cannot be destroyed (but can be moved.) Timed blocks will reward more points, but are much more dangerous to deal with. Challenge mode will serve those who have are seeking extra complexity and difficulty after having becomed skilled in standard mode.

Other Features

Luminux is going to contain both local, regional, and facebook-integrated high scores, as well as online leaderboards. This is to allow you to compete not only directly with your friends but with other players worldwide!

The game will also contain a myriad of unlockable titles based on your performance, the results of which are displayable as an orbiting star on your main menu and high scores. This star becomes more extravagant and prismatic as you unlock greater titles, allowing you to feed your vanity or brag with a glance.

In Conclusion

Thank you for your interest in the game! If you are curious to support us, I am eager to hear your comments.
We will be launching a kickstarter campaign next month (January) in order to help us afford the licenses we require to publish our game. Luminux is estimated for official release early this Summer, but we are planning on having an in-browser web demo up online next month for everyone to check out!
Also, check out our facebook here:


You can leave a comment here, send me a private message here or any other place that I am found.
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