Is it allowed to link to Kickstarter pages in projects threads ?

04-06-2012, 06:49 AM
Is it allowed to link to Kickstarter pages in projects threads ?

Hello there
I was just about to open up a thread for a project I've been working on in the past, but stumbled over a posting that mentioned it'd not be liked/tolerated to link to kickstarter pages. However I've seen numerous threads in the past, with just doing that. Not striking, but just casual in a "subordinate clause"

I really hope you guys can help me out on this issue and stop me from posting in the wrong forums, as well.

The project is for both iPhone/iPod and iPad, so should I post in both forum categories for the upcoming games ?
And would it be allowed to place a nice/gentle linkage to the kickstarter page for the game ?

I searched the forums for an announcement or something official from toucharcade but didn't stumble over anything so far. Maybe me being blind again :/

Thanks for your help,

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04-06-2012, 07:07 AM
Please refer to the forum rules, which are at the top of most forums:

The last rule mentions that Kickstarter threads are not permitted. Basically: If there's real money involved, don't arrange or promote it in the forums.
UPDATE: We've revised this rule slightly, to allow a subtle link to Kickstarter (see my next post below).

We encourage developers to put universal games under the iPhone games forum and to put the word "Universal" in the title. When developers put universal games in BOTH the iPad and iPhone game forums, they usually end up posting exactly the same messages in both threads, so it's easier to have the conversation all in one thread.

If an app has an iPad-only version, that should appear in the iPad forum.


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04-06-2012, 07:21 AM
Mpf, sorry for not having found the most obvious resource for this :/

To me it still is not that clear. I know that people mention a kickstarter page of their projects in their own threads here and there.
So I would have thought that as long as it is not blatantly trying to bring people to the kickstarter page it would be allowed ?

Or can you confirm that any mentioning of kickstarter links is prohibited ?

For me there'd be 2 scenarios:

1) "Hey guys we desperately need your help to get funding for this project. Please go to this page and spend x amount of money in behalf of our support

2) "Hey guys, this is our new ios project that we'd like to introduce to you. The gameplay is like that, here's some screenshots and videos. Btw, if you may support us, here's a little kickstarter page we set up"

Same scenario for you ? I'm really not trying to be annoying or bend a law. I just remember other projects using the 2nd method in their threads and so far haven't been banned or punished for doing so. Or at least they did disguise it in a thread on the developer forums with blatantly linking to kickstarter while asking some generic questions in it

If you can clarify this, I know how to move along in the future

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04-06-2012, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by crex View Post
I'm pretty you are allowed to post Kickstarter links in the Upcoming iPhone/iPod Games section. I've seen it done numerous times.
It's not allowed. I usually send NEG messages when I see them and he removes them. NEG told me it had something to do without outside transactions or something...

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04-06-2012, 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by Fireball926 View Post
It's not allowed. I usually send NEG messages when I see them and he removes them. NEG told me it had something to do without outside transactions or something...

NEG is a she.
04-06-2012, 04:34 PM
If you want to write a subtle "Our Kickstarter link is here" in the games thread and include a link, that's fine. Just don't create a whole thread about it or post a sales pitch or sob story. And definitely don't spam it in multiple posts. I've updated the site rules to reflect this.

Hope this clarifies things.

Forum rules:

The short version

- The forums exist to talk about iPhone and iPod Touch games primarily. Everything else is secondary. So preserving this discussion takes priority.
- Don't cause trouble.
- Don't cause more work for the moderators.
- Don't needlessly pester developers.
- Don't spam the site.
- Use common sense.

The long version

(not all of these will necessarily result in an automatic ban)

- Don't post advertisements for websites/blogs/podcasts/youtube-channels/Facebook/etc on the site (Signature links are acceptable within reason). Self promotion is strictly prohibited.
- Don't post referral links to other sites (eg: to earn free apps).
- Developers are welcome to post app announcements, but please identify yourself as the developer.
- Only developers may post promo code giveaways for their games.
- Don't beg/ask for promo codes, beta testing or gifted apps unless invited by developer.
- Don't insult people - if you can't keep yourself from insulting others, you don't belong here.
- Don't sass the moderators.
- Don't post multiple threads on the same topic.
- Don't post in the WRONG forum (eg: "iPhone games" is for released games only).
- Use a descriptive title (not: "Help") and avoid adding temporary labels which will need to be renamed again in the near future.
- Keep threads on topic - obviously things can stray onto related topics, but we've seen threads stray into personal and irrelevant topics.
- Don't bump threads. This applies not only to posts that say "bump" but to those with the intent to bump.
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- Don't post fake announcements or impersonate individuals or companies.
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- Please keep language "clean" (Blocking out letters with stars is not clean).
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- Don't copy/paste entire articles from other sites. Please always link to original source. more details
- No selling. Don't promote or arrange monetary transactions via this site, as things can get messy when real money is involved.
- Don't promote or spam any pledge-funding links eg:Kickstarter or Indie Go-go. You can include a subtle link saying "Our Kickstarter link is here:"
- Threads for swapping in-game items are okay.

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04-07-2012, 02:52 AM
Hey Red1 thanks for making it extraclear and even updating the rules.
Hodapp had confirmed via twitter as well that as long as it is subtle it would be fine.

Thanks for clearing this up so quickly !

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04-07-2012, 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by Acumen View Post
...Thanks for clearing this up so quickly !
Happy to help. And good luck with your KickStarter project.