02-18-2015, 04:55 PM
Is nobody posting here anymore? If so, I would love some suggestions:

(My map is below)

I have:

A Cherry Steamer running Barcelona-Berlin
A Bluebell Steamer running Minsk-Paris (Probably to be replaced by a National Express)
A Bluebell Steamer running Glasgow-Budapest (Probably to be replace by a Global Express)
A Bluebell Steamer running Rome-Paris (This is a short route to keep me occupied)
A Vanilla Steamer running the "Russian Loop"- aka. Volograd-Kiev-Minsk-Moscow loop.

I will soon place a Global Express on a triangular Istanbul-Kiev-Budapest loop.

I would also appreciate any parts gifts! (ID: 12K4X2) Maybe trade 2 Dekotora parts for 2 Bullet parts?

(I used to play Pocket Planes)
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Add Me On GC: 12344567789900,Pocket Trains:12K4X2
Trading (PT):Need Gila, Rio, Pecos Standard Parts! Will trade Expresses/Zephyrs! PM me if interested!

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