App description: He is the monster. The forest walker. Only a few in this world are unfortunate enough to meet him, but none can escape his wicked stare. He is Slenderman, the ghastly kidnapper.

Rumored to be abnormally tall and thin, Slenderman always wears an iconic black suit with white shirt and tie. He can bend or extend his arms in a hideous way as if they have no joints, as if they are tentacles. But the most dreadful feature... is his face. For it is blank, pale and able to fatally frighten any victims upon the first glance.

Your task is to collect 8 paper sheets. But...
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So that's something like your health bar? Decrease after each time you face Slender?
The charge falls in process of collecting notes.
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The charge falls in process of collecting notes.
Ah, I see.

Pretty tough Slender. Haven't found all the note

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please rename the topic Slender: Last Sleep (by 17Studio) [Universal]

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