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Any help in managing space

06-09-2014, 03:58 AM
Originally Posted by psj3809 View Post
I must admit i'm loving looking into all the different cloud storage sites. Ideal for photos/comics/PDF's and videos

Qvivo is a new one, you can upload photos/videos and stream them, unlimited but only 5 hours a month for free (to view)

I'm with Pogoplug, 4 dollars a month, unlimited cloud storage.
Also have a lot of free space with Box, BT Cloud and Mega.
Mega is amazing for sharing large files with friends. I'm a photographer when I'm not talking iOS, and I share all of my photos on Flickr, which gives a terabyte for free.

Never really got into dropbox, strangely enough, but I recognize it does a lot of things well.

iCloud needs a lot of work. I actually like their metaphor, with apps saving their data transparently and syncing without a visible filesystem. But Apple is so far off with photos and backup... I really hope they get it together.

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06-09-2014, 04:29 AM
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I've just moved my files from Mega

Theres another huge court case potentially happening against Kim Dotcom, last time they froze all his Megaupload sharing data, lots of people couldnt get access to their files.

In case it happens again in this latest drama they 'could' perhaps freeze peoples accounts on Mega so i've moved my files just in case

Dropbox needs to compete with all the other cloud companies, i used to pay for Dropbox for 100 gig (65) but i'm cancelling it when it comes up in a few weeks as i'm happy with the far cheaper unlimited Pogoplug.

Its good its a very competitive market right now though. Love the fact that i could be away from home but have access to all my photos/documents/tons of movies/comics/books wherever i am. Plus after a hard drive crash (and an external drive crash) i feel much secure with my data in the cloud