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-climbs over the fence-

08-23-2016, 03:28 AM
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-climbs over the fence-

The ip7 isn't of much interest me mainly because everyone in the whole industry knows that it's the ip8 that will be the ground up new build amazer... And my 2yr contract ended on my ip6+ a few days ago...

And for the first time since the ip3... I'm about to have a non iPhone in my pocket. Samsung s7 Note. 64gig onboard storage and thanks to a limited time offer I'll be getting a 256gig microsd for the phone as well.

I've always been curious about the android OS and its App Store, I do almost zero gaming on my iPhone and the few games I do actually play on phone are Facebook linked so fully friendly cross play.

I figure if I hate it I'll ride it out for 12 months and get a ip8 when it arrives (I'm on everynext year program with AT&T, new phone every 12 months or pay off one I own in 24... Or as quickly as I want to pay ahead of schedule). And I've got my iPad Pro for the iOS gaming in the mean time.


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