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Let's Talk About if Last-Gen Games Could Be Ported to iOS or Not

06-20-2014, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by Loading3 View Post
Dude. you're the one that needs to stop and think before commenting. read again what he quoted and said. nowhere did he complain about this not being the console version. he was just pointing out examples of games that were proper ports from consoles (xbox360,ps3). which is correct. xcom, walking dead, record of agrest war was from consoles (xbox360,ps3)

PS: i do agree the console version of this game is pretty much impossible to port to ios currently due to the big scale of the game.
I'd venture to say that those console games you mention were developed with selling mobile versions in mind. I doubt the current LEGO Marvel game for consoles was developed with the plan to port it to current mobile devices. Sure, Angry Birds can be played on a PS3 or PS4, but it was developed first with mobile in mind. Him wanting the current gen console games developed for those consoles on a mobile device would be like expecting a Gameboy Color to play Perfect Dark for the N64.

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