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08-30-2015, 03:19 AM
How to beat the final boss?

Any tips on how to get him? So far I've gotten closest with Wizard: Acid Rain + Blight combos. But then I'm always one turn away from killing him. Frustrating. Any other classes work better?
09-02-2015, 11:52 AM
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I think my one success was actually with a ranger and zeelion poison actions.
09-10-2015, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by cannedpineapples View Post
Any tips on how to get him? So far I've gotten closest with Wizard: Acid Rain + Blight combos. But then I'm always one turn away from killing him. Frustrating. Any other classes work better?
Class I can do it with: Assassin. I have two kills recorded within about 15 games of each other. I suspect I figured things out .

Kill seeds: X9XA9-94M55-Z96WD-LDW55 , J4JM9-XX9SQ-73Z95-RQ499

(Just so you know you have a seed capable of actually killing the end boss. Not all of them are, and some are near darn impossible, I suspect a well played monk may be more consistent. But I can't do it. )

My thoughts on strategy:

People focus on the cards. Cards are great... but you have to think about the whole game.

Talents matter, abilities matter.

Why Assassin? (Thief/Wizard)

It has two GREAT abilities.

1. You can run from combat, and the monster stays damaged.
2. Murder. Can't deal with that monster. Nuke it from orbit, just to be sure.

Now, the thing I don't think people focus on enough is what talents you take at each floor.

What is your starting talent? Why?
What is your 2nd floor talent? Why?
What is your 3rd floor talent? Why?
What is your level 10 talent? Why?

I find the 3rd floor and level 10 talents the hardest to choose personally.

Now, the rest is for those who want a spoiler: (I request that you honor my spoiler tag here. Do not quote this except in private mail back to me.)

For me:

Start: Healing.
Floor 2: Preparation.
3. ???
4. ???

These two abilities, interlink with murder, and running from combat. You want to kill things if you can for the cash. But sometimes murder is right. Now there's a quote for you... Healing is GREAT so you can stay alive after you do something silly, or just because you are about to die, and facing a strong monster. Preparation should be used as needed to keep your abilities cycling.

Now... what is your base ability:

Channel: Whenever the assassin plays an action card, she gains two mana.

Hmmnn... There's a deck archetype from the base classes that plays that way. The action based/cantrip/dice/backstab thief.

For this archetype, there's a simple ruleset: (The backstab thief.)

There are two types of cards. (assuming you have enough actions, and you should.)

1. Cards that let you draw another card. Call them cantrips.
2. Cards that don't let you draw another card. Call them terminal cards.

You WILL draw your entire deck, if your number of terminal cards, is less than the size of your hand.

This is VERY important. You want to know you'll draw all your cards . (I think both kill decks could come close, if not do this.)

You may ask: What about Circle. It kinda counts as a card draw... kinda not. Depends on how close you are, and how many turns you are willing to waste getting into full bore kill mode. Take it though, it is one of the few cards I'd throw in about ANY deck, and I'll take as many as you hand me.

Note, the number of cantrips doesn't matter, as long as you have actions to back them up.

So in the normal thief archetype, you play "dice" and "backstab" as your terminal cards. Defense may come from dodge and friends.

In this case, you actually have MUCH better defense. Blur + Earth Shape (DR 2, Casts on 2 mana, and has 3 rocks on the front. I may have the name wrong.) is pretty hard to get through. Clearly you can use the thief versions if you have enough actions too.... Do what makes sense, but given that you get Blur in your starting deck... I suspect you'll have it at the end.

With all of this said... Clearly removing cards at monasteries is REALLY important. Do it!

As far as killing the boss. You'll want two types of cards.

1. "Doublers". These are cards that re-cast the spell you just cast.
2. A card to double.

I suggest Blight or Electocute to double. They are pretty strong, and play well. Blight is stupidly strong, and electrocute is right behind it. In fact there are decks where electrocute is stronger, which is counter to the normal opinion. If you can gain ~20 mana a turn and have 2-3 doublers... You will outrun a blight deck with electrocute.

They both work quite well...

I usually choose Fluid or the 30% of attacks fail talent on 3. And for my level 10, -1 card for my opponent, though I can easily defend +1 card for me.

So for TL;DR:

1. Grab actions that allow you to draw a card, as long as they are in balance with your base actions.
2. Grab a defensive card, like Earth Shape.
3. Thin out your deck so you have as few cards that don't cause you to draw another card as possible, within reason. (Which is pretty small here .)
4. Look for a kill card, and doublers, on floor 3, use WIZARD kill cards. They are more effective. A kill card here is Blight or Electrocute.

You likely WILL have to run from the end boss once. Do so and heal yourself! With that, the good defense, and the wizard kill cards. It is very possible, to kill the very end boss.

Note: You can kill the end boss with your ONLY poison card being blight! No problem. I expect most kills will be done that way. You don't want to carry the poison spell early, and your deck won't be consistent enough to get it off every turn as it requires to really work... Never mind the mana pressure etc. Early, playing as a thief is much easier .

Now go watch the boss go flush down the toilet, then do it on your own seeds.

I look forward to someone writing a guide for another class.

09-12-2015, 07:09 AM
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Wow that was a cool post thank you. I have gotten most achievements but never killed him I will give it a shot...