iPhone: Gosu-Blox a puzzle game to rack your brain

09-30-2011, 04:58 PM
Gosu-Blox a puzzle game to rack your brain

Golabi studio is proud to present the Gosu-Blox, a new puzzle game designed by Thomas Pathuis.

Gosu-Blox is a new innovative and fun puzzle game in a cartoony style.
Rack your brain and work your way through 25 challenging levels.

There are 5 Gosu-Blox in the game. the player needs to connect the two White ones together by moving the Yelllow and Blue Gosu-Blox.

The White Blox: need to be connected to each other
The Yellow Blox: can only move in diagonal direction
The Blue Blox: can only move in horizontal or vertical direction
The Green Blox: should make part of the connection
The Red Blox: can not make part of the connection

This gets increasingly harder as the player can move each Blox only once and no other Blox can be in it's way.
The undo button helps the player to undo the moved steps and rethink the path.


-Innovative puzzle concept
-25 challenging levels
-Increasing difficulty level
-Unique cartoon style

Download link

The game can now be downloaded from itunes for only $0.99.


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01-28-2014, 05:49 PM
Gosu-blox goes free

Gosu-blox is becoming free! From 01/30/2014 you can download and enjoy this beautiful puzzle game. A gift from Golabi studio.

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