App description: "Gene is really awesome and provides gamers with a lot of game-time" 5 stars -

"Refreshing", "Well designed", "Smooth gameplay" -

Gene is a space themed platformer where you play the alien Gene, a squishy mutant who must RUN, JUMP and BLAST his way across levels to collect coins, find gems and repair his ship.

Gene must collect genetic mutations along the way. Each mutation offers a different skill identified through his colour changing outfits. Part of the challenge is in knowing the right mutation for a specific job. You must frequently change between them during the levels to find your way through.


* 15 Massive levels
* Horizontal and vertical levels above ground and through caves
* 6 Mutations/skills to collect
* Earn high score 3 stars by fully completing a level
* Lots of replay value through free play
* Responsive, intuitive and easy to use controls
* Awesome sound track and SFX
* Fully customisable controls for left or right handed players
* Help features
* Collect coins
* Hit checkpoints
* Find up to 20 ship parts
* And 160 gems to unearth.
* Choose from 6 languages, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian
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Originally Posted by Lazer Kat View Post
I have a rule where I don't pay for games with long titles that are made to include search terms.

It's always a bad sign.
Ditto on that, however after watching the video of the gameplay on their site I decided to give it a shot. It reminds me a lot of some computer games I used to play in the 90s, like Jungle Jill, or Jazz Jackrabbit. I haven't played this yet, so I don't know how accurate those comparisons might be. They are just what came to mind. Off to play.

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