App description: Included in the App Store's "Impossible Games" category, and chosen as one of the App Store's Best Games of 2013!

Pivvot is a thrilling game of strategic avoidance that will consistently test and challenge your ability to make quick, impulsive decisions.

As the game progresses, you will have to rely on your instincts and problem-solving skills to navigate down the winding path for survival. With its intensity, minimalistic design, and puzzling logic, Pivvot is sure to keep you guessing at every turn.

Voyage: Travel through increasingly challenging levels of obstacles
Endless: Survive as long as possible while the game gets progressively faster
Expert Voyage: Uncover new, more challenging obstacles
Expert Endless: Avoid the expert obstacles as the increasing speed tests your limits
Berserk: The ultimate challenge: chaotic, frenzied, and unrelenting
Random Endless: Like Endless but random and faster!
Random Expert Endless: Like Expert Endless but random and faster!
Looper: Do loops. Get points. Don't die.
Daily Challenge: You get one shot per day. Don't mess up!

Increasingly challenging gameplay with thirty different obstacles to conquer
Nine game modes
Procedurally generated path: every game is different!
Four custom-composed, high energy songs
Simplistic, minimalistic art style and gameplay
Universal support
iCloud syncing between devices
GameCenter leaderboards
Share replays of your game via Facebook, Email, or Twitter


"The game is undoubtedly worth its asking price and if you're looking for an arcade-style thrill that is instantly accessible, Pivvot is for you."
Mike Wehner, TUAW

"This game really caught me by surprise... This is an example of what I like to see in a mobile game."
Justin Davis, IGN

"Pivvot is one of the best games Ive gotten my hands on for this year so far. Its delightfully simple, catchy, and challenging, yet its so addictive youll keep coming back for more, even when it gets difficult."
Christine Chan, AppAdvice

"If you like minimalist arcade games with airtight controlsand you don't mind tearing your hair out from its rootsdo try Pivvot."
Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer

"I'm already finding myself trying, retrying, and then retrying again to make it just a wee bit further than my last run in Pivvot, so I think Whitaker is on to another winner here."
Jared Nelson, TouchArcade

Sanuku's comments:

03-16-2014, 09:47 AM
The achievements are gone ?
03-17-2014, 06:37 AM
I bought the new mode a few days ago, i got the game free and didn't hesitate.
I like it but the leaderboard for that mode doesn't seem to be working so with the competitive element missing it's not as enjoyable as it could be..

My highest score is 7. Hopefully the vid explains more than I can.
03-17-2014, 06:41 AM
Originally Posted by sweetdiss View Post
Erm... Pivvot came out first, by quite a few months.

Or did you mean the new game mode looks too inspired by Duet? I've played both to death and they are nothing alike (other than being "hexlikes").

Also, why does it always have to be one or the other with ios games? Just get both! They are absurdly cheap!
They do look similar to me but I never liked Pivvot anyways (worst game in the genre for me, totally overrated) to make any further purchase by this developer again. That was my point.

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