06-19-2014, 02:41 PM
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Lukewarm review by TA. That's really too bad because I was really looking forward to this game. I'm leaning towards putting this on my watch list and waiting for part 2 to come out.
IGN review is 9.5 Amazing they liked it just saying and the review was on iPad you can go check it out on their website.
06-21-2014, 01:04 AM
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06-22-2014, 06:22 AM
Completed this last night. Mixed feelings about it. Perhaps I was expecting too much from the pen of Tim Schafer, and maybe he didn't have as big a role in it as in the Lucasarts days, but the puzzles were not anywhere near the elegance and depth or presented in as smooth a flow as in the classic old point and clicks I love. Although you can see it is a similar style of puzzle structure, there was just some secret sauce missing to give it that spark.

I thought the connection between the girls and boys story would have been more intertwined and play off each other but the way it is, it's just 2 stories you can play in any order. There are some good red herrings that keep you trying for non-existent problems and the puzzles are mainly logical in that WTF way.

The art is nice but has a very rough feel (on purpose) almost like concept art in finish, but it is consistent so it works here.

For the life of me I cannot see where they spent upwards of 3 million dollars to create this. I reckon a few yachts went undisclosed on their 'expenses sheet' haha

Overall though it is very good and I enjoyed it, looking forward to Act 2! Guess I was just hoping for mechanics more like Day of the Tentacle which was superbly clever and one of my favourite ever P'n'C games!

I'm just happy to see games like this still being made in this day and age.

Bought it on mac a while ago and never got around to playing it - something about iPad feels just perfect for games like this.
09-20-2014, 04:36 PM
A price drop, cool. To bad it didn't go universal :,(