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***Embrace your inner hero-experience the world of Greek mythology first hand!***
***The most epic mythical empires the world has ever known await your command!***
***Genre-breaking strategy and CCG fusion with a compelling Greek mythological theme-Titan : Olympus War!***

Card-battle with other users, conquer cities, build empires, and harness the power of the Greek gods to become the stuff of legends yourself.

==== APP CRITICS ====

GameInformer: Part of the Five Featured Anime-style Apps for Mobile Gamers!
iPhoneLife: The developers have put the time and effort in to create not just a different take on two genres, but a game that might birth its very own genre.
TechnologyTell: Titan exceeds expectations, with a unique blend of Greek lore and Asian animation-style illustration for each card.
Examiner.com: Part of the Five Mobile Strategy Games You Cant Put Down

==== FEATURES ====

EXPAND TERRITORY : Build and develop your cities and expand your empire to epic proportions. Each player can manage up to 10 cities and 190 territories. Give your empire its own unique character by building cities according to your own preferences. Maintain and expand your territory through skirmishes and battles at its borders.

TITAN WAR (WEEKLY RAID) : Titans are threatening your hard-won territories. Every week, join forces with your clan to drive back the invaders, earn rewards, and conquer other Titan cities.

HERO COLLECTION : Over 300 incredible gods and mythological heroes serve you, leading your forces into battle. Each card has its own unique traits, and its own attribute (light, water, fire, earth, air, and darkness). By enhancing youre heros skills, choosing different composition strategies, and by investing points, you can shape his or her development. For example, heroes with high intellect can be used as archons, while those with devastating attacks can be used as warriors.

CARD BATTLE : Battle other players with your own deck, and earn special rewards for winning 5 battles a day!

BUILD YOUR SACRED CITIES : Each player can build up to ten cities, choosing their own heroes and archons to serve them. Embrace your role and design your empire with 22 different types of buildings, including resource buildings, military structures, and pantheons.

ALLIANCE AND WAR : Join forces with other users to form unstoppable clan armies, or wage war against other users to expand your territories. Lend auxiliary troops to other clan members, and reap the benefits of being part of an alliance!

More Information
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/titanolympuswar
WIKI: http://titan-olympuswar.wikia.com/wiki/Titan_Wiki