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FREE! Oasis: Path to Redemption Lite Edition June 25th

06-19-2014, 02:20 PM
FREE! Oasis: Path to Redemption Lite Edition June 25th

Available in the AppStore June 25th!

Originally released as a Premium $1.99 app back in December, this Lite edition of Oasis is a full featured and ad-supported free version of the game, and will coexist side by side with the premium edition in the App Store.

Additionally, this Lite edition will be the first ever release of version 1.2.0, an update to the latest version which tweaks the gameplay to its most polished form yet, and adds In App Purchases to enhance the game (don't worry, all IAP are permanent game enhancers, and have not affected the original gameplay model… nothing to nickel and dime the player here!) The premium edition will be updated with the enhancements of version 1.2.0 soon afterwards, but for the moment the Lite edition will offer the earliest access to these new changes to gameplay.

As Oasis: Path to Redemption was one of the most beloved releases of its day, we wanted to make it available to the widest range of players out there. We hope you enjoy this newest version of the most emotionally charged Battle Runner in the Appstore!

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AppStore Description:

Now available for free! The beloved Finite Battle Runner with an emotional core, Oasis: Path to Redemption is now available in a Lite version!

"The graphics are hand-drawn in an overwhelming proportion and many users claim this is the most beautiful artwork they laid their eyes on in some time." -Appmanimal.com

"An auto-runner with emotional depth? Who would have thought?" -GrabitMagazine.com

From graphic novelist Steve Uy (Uncanny X-Men, Avengers Initiative, Doodle Jump Comic, Feather, World Without End). You are the last survivor of a dead world, on a desperate quest to find the fabled Oasis, promised to bring life back to the barren wasteland. Set over five hand drawn and seamless worlds, you must cut your way through the vengeful spirits that seek to block your path and discover the tragic truth behind the cause of the world's ruin.

- A story-based Finite Action RPG Battle Runner with a defined ending. This is NOT an endless game!
- Five 100% hand drawn worlds with SEAMLESS transitions! Runs at 60 fps with true animation frame rates!
- Illustrated cutscenes reveal the secret of the world's ruin the closer you get to your goal.
- RPG style leveling system with PERMANENT upgrades!
- Complete and standalone! Unlock the full premium game with a single payment, or just beat the game as is. No pay walls, consumables or recurring IAP requirements!
- Intuitive one-touch controls allows casual and hardcore players to attack, combo, defend, counter, jump, dodge, and unleash a special attack upon your enemies!
-First ever release of Version 1.2.0! Featuring tweaked gameplay, optional game enhancing IAP options, and additional features, this is the best version of Oasis to date!
For more info and gameplay videos, please visit: www.steveuy.com

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Oasis: Path to Redemption available in the appstore now!
06-24-2014, 01:07 PM
Out tomorrow!

Oasis: Path to Redemption available in the appstore now!