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99 cent for very simple game

02-07-2014, 04:20 AM
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Dont mean to upset anyone BUT i purposely stay away from any apps where they advertise that a kid has created it. I've seen it before where they seem to advertise it that its based on some 7 year old kids idea etc etc. Happened quite a few times here before

I'll buy a game if i think its good, not if the devs 7 or 40 or 75 years old. The last thing the kid needs is pity where someone just buys it simply because its 'created by a kid'. Surely he wants his games bought because they're good not just a 'ahhhhhh i'll buy it....'

Dont mean to sound negative, great that this clever kids created an app and released it, but i wouldnt try to keep pushing that fact all the time.
02-08-2014, 04:47 AM
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psj3809 not upsetting at all. it is always nice, when someone brings up critique in a friendly and constructive tone like you did. first off i assume there are plenty of marketing ploys out there were people try to make a buck out of it. so I like you am always a skeptic first. I understand that if people look at our little website one might get that feeling ( I see that as a compliment for my ability to throw up a half decent wordpress in a few hours).

Reality is, that if I had not drummed up a little support here and via twitter Ian would have had nearly 0 downloads. Excluding our friends we had 9 downloads within the first two days. 8 out of these 9 I know from toucharcade and twitter personally. The game probably won't ever see 50 DL. But that wasn't the point anyway.

As for supporting kids on projects like this. Before I was a father of two I was right along your line. It didn't really bother me but I wasn't exactly the guy buying cookies from boy scouts. Now that I know how much love and energy kids put into crazy projects and how much joy any support from adults gives them, I see it in a different light. Still I only support if I feel it is sincere.

Hope you can understand a little bit better my motives now. Oh and one more thing: If we implement iCade functionality you have to buy the game. ;-)

Meteor Kids is an iOS Game made by 9 year old Ian. Read about our father / son project on GameByKids.com or follow on Twitter.