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Sharing my technique and want experts feedbacks!

08-28-2014, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by mr.Ugly View Post
for most indies its trial and error anyway.. so leaving your post is an valid approach done by alot of developers for quite some time.

you adapt to the market like rovio did with their titles on ios and android.
Good point, sometimes is good to see different ways to get succesfull for starters. But, the mainly thing which made I edit my posts is: I don't believe anymore that a really good strategy, I think I'm loosing money, I could be earning hundred times more I THINK. So, I'm little worried to pass a wrong information... maybe i would be earning more displaying some ads on free android version, or making it free on both platforms and win with ads. Little bit confused about where I go now...

When I was starting I remember to saw a post like this one, I tried to earn money by the same way and was worst idea ever.

I think it's 10000 times better for a starter see an advice like "You have to find your specific way for your particular case to earn money" instead "This is the best idea ever, I'm winning lot of money with this way"