App description: Take the world of Triune with you! You the hero, must defeat the evil Akahn and his minions and save Triune from darkness. The classic retro action-rpg adventure at its finest, do you have the skill it takes to survive and become a legend?!


* All Combat
Flex your sword and might and leave the crossword puzzles at home.

* Clever Monsters
Beware for they seek to evade, trick, and gang up on you!

* 6 Dungeons & Bosses
Scattered across the world, venture into whichever one you wish.

* 5 Power Ups
Guarded towers hold an array of the most powerful weapons.

* Explore Wherever Whenever
There's no limits to where you can go if you've got the courage!

* Responsive
Virtual D-Pad and buttons done right.
11-17-2013, 07:31 AM
We've committed some changes that should put the control difficulties finally to rest. Oh and Crescentfresh, thanks for the tips and reporting that dungeon bug. All of you guys/gals rock !

Mainly the touch area for the D-Pad controls are now as large as the "A" and "B" buttons (thus a smaller center dead spot).

Decreased all character movement by 25%.

Taping in an opposite direction will result in an "about-face" except when long pressing.

Other than that, better performance for low-end devices. New goodies may have to wait until the update after this one which addresses the above.
11-26-2013, 12:15 PM
It's almost time...

Version 1.0.3 has been out for a few days and we've corrected the D-pad issues so many of you all have helped with and we added an old familiar attack ability which we think should make life a bit easier .

Anyone who's got an old-school Zelda itch can grab the game at: and checkout the changelog here which is updated frequently.

Here's what's new:

+ Increased D-Pad touch area
+ Code optimizations
+ Bug fixes
+ Added "Hero's Might" weapon ability
-- Fire energy bolts from your sword when at full health

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