App description: EA has a massive hit on its hands devilishly funny and addictive. Inside Mobile Apps

Im a big fan of tower-defense-style games, real-time strategy games, and the classic Dungeon Keeper. This follows that formula perfectly. VGMarket playtester

DIG. DEVISE. DOMINATE! Its good to be bad in Dungeon Keeper!

Devilishly smart. Deploy wicked tactics and dominate your enemies! Build the ultimate underground lair and summon diabolical forces to do your bidding. Its tower defensewithout the towerand a lot more offensive!

From Trolls to Bile Demons, Mistresses, and Warlocks deploy your army of baddies and unleash special attacks to destroy the competition.

Maximize your defenses to thwart invaders with expertly laid traps and dungeon design. Build rooms like the torture chamber or dark library to give attackers some painful and shocking surprises.

Attack enemy dungeons and plunder their resources. Deploy your forces and face spike traps, cannons, poisonous spores and more. Too many enemies? Turn them into chickens! Master the Hand of Evil to unleash devastating spell attacks.

Some minions need moremotivation than others. Slap your Imps to get them working faster.

Form guilds with players from around the world. Your new alliances let you share minions, increase resource generation, and earn exclusive guild achievements.

What more are you waiting for, Keeper? Play the most diabolically fun game on the App Store!

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killercow's comments:

02-10-2014, 11:22 PM
Personally I think this game is garbage, both for it's poor game design, as well as it's predatory business practise. However, Snotty is right in that he doesn't deserve personal bile directed towards him. He isn't exactly defending the game nor the freemium structure as a whole, he simply points out what certain mechanics exist, which they do like them or not. He has some valid points even if you don't agree with everything he says.
02-11-2014, 10:27 AM
Funny Penny Arcade comic

Check it out:

(takes a jab at the rating system in Dungeon Keeper)
02-12-2014, 10:51 AM
So I spent time going after the achievements to earn premium gems, digging away at the gem blocks and ignoring PVP or raiding completely and last night I got the 800 gems needed to buy a third imp, no money spent. I was happy to see that the 2x speed boost thing last an hour now instead of 30 minutes. That's great.

So, as one of those people who sees free to play games with high IAP cost as a challenge to get the premium stuff without paying, I'm loving it! And I'll be through digging to one of the corner mines by the end of the day.

I like it.

Simpsons Tapped Out: supersmashandy
02-14-2014, 06:32 AM
Joined: Dec 2010
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Nevermind the freemium iOS reboot, GOG is giving away the unadulterated 1997 classic Dungeon Keeper (+ expansion) for PC/Mac desktop/laptop systems (not iOS, but a great deal) Free.

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