App description: Enter the world of Syrenia and engage the Shadows to save the land! Play as Arik, the Keeper of Shadows, as he vanquishes the forces of evil through countless quests. Choose how you level up, and equip thousands of variations of armor, weapons, and spells. Into the Shadows offers nearly unlimited gameplay with randomly generated dungeons, weapons, armors, and quests.
03-23-2014, 11:26 AM

Thanks! Bought! Keep up the good work too...
03-23-2014, 12:16 PM
Tried this game twice and I can't really see the point in playing when
there are way more fun games waiting to be played.

The attack button does not always work. I died many times trying to attack.
I made sure I was tapping right in the middle of the button and I still
found instances where I was yelling at the hero to swing your sword dummy.

The key is always found in a chest as well. That's pretty boring. Why not just
fiind the key when you kill an enemy? At least that way it's not so predictable.

Just a few suggestions to the devs.

Firstly, make sure the attack button always works well.
How about a block button to block ranged attacks. This could be fun to do.
How about a town portal spell so you don't need to backtrack so much when
your health is low and you head back to town?

Anyway. I don't plan on playing anymore in the games current state.

It is a good start, but needs work.

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