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iPad: AfterLife: Ground Zero [by Trendy entertainment] (UE3 Graphical Tech Demo)

08-13-2012, 01:12 PM
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Sorry to bump the thread, but I'm just wondering if this really did get scrapped or not. Haven't heard anything about it in 6 months so I assume yes...
08-13-2012, 07:13 PM
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Whoa, I completely forgot about this game. Thanks for the bump. :-) Hopefully the devs will post up some progress (if it's even still in development).
02-07-2013, 10:44 PM
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02-09-2013, 07:53 PM
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Hi clever bug, I don't know if you saw them but I got few unlisted videos of Afterlife: Ground Zero, and some other things - keep in mind this is all very old stuff

Although videos have similar titles,they contain different footage.This is running on some other platform - not iOS device

Video 1:Level Design/Environment Prototype UE3

Video 2:Level Design/Environment Prototype UE3 - DX11

They were posted by Morgan Roberts (lead level designer,he formed Trendy Entertainment with Jeremy Stieglitz in February 2010)

This is only my personal point of view - NOT A FACT
Now you see that second video has DirectX 11 in title.
That is because game was intended to be on XBLA, PSN & PC platforms, only after that accidental video leak of a mobile prototype build they took mobile version under consideration.
Quote - "However, we never intended to make this a mobile game, but the following press has us considering." That was posted 09-12-2011 on Epic Games forum, in original thread that was created 12-29-2010 by Morgan R. for job offerings for their "next killer game"

Some people here found it hard to believe that it looks and runs so good on iPad 2, this might be the reason why: "we're working with a highly custom, uber-powerful in-house version of UE3 that enables us to achieve a level of graphic fidelity heretofore unseen in a digital download product."

We didn't hear from TE in a long time but here is why I believe that this game is in heavy development: Trendy Entertainment, maker of the cross-platform Dungeon Defenders game, raises $18.2 million ,maybe even close to official announcement and release - 8-15-10 "I have been tasked with starting our next title. Although I cannot divulge any information directly related to the next game’s title, all I say is the art style is a complete 180 degree change in direction that Dungeon Defenders used. " That was 2+ years ago

I really hope they share some new info and that this game comes out for iOS/Android (:

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