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App description: Zombies have never been so cute.

Enhanced for iOS 5! Including Game Center challenges and Twitter support.

These zombies don't just shamble around and moan about braaainz. You can dress them up, change their hairstyles and facial features, and watch them dance. There's even a minigame inside the game that lets you earn "cursed coinage" to buy more cool stuff for your pet zombie.

Just dont ignore your zombie for too long (about a day or so, depending on how much you feed him) or hell get depressed and shamble back into his grave. Rezombification is just a few clicks, but you wouldnt want to put your zombie through that again, would you?

* Choose between a male and female pet zombie.
* Test your memory with Zombie Director
* Let your zombie have the last word with Zombie Talkback
* Customize your pet zombie with:

Buy food for your pet zombie with cursed coinage you earn through minigames or with real money.

Now we know how the zombiepocalypse will end - with adorable pet zombies for all.

dubane's comments:
Hey everyone,

Our latest game My Pet Zombie is now available. It's a free ad-supported universal app. As the name implies you get to raise your pet zombie, care for it, feed it, play with it, and keep it . . . undead.

Here's the trailer with more detail:

Youtube link | Pop Up

And the full iTunes info:

We're already working on the next big update so please let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see and we'll try to get it in!

07-25-2011, 04:14 PM
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You call this free and a game...?

After 10 sec. of starting up this game it asks for my money.


OldskoolNL.nl : "Not Old, Just Older"
07-25-2011, 04:44 PM
Joined: Feb 2009
Location: Denver, CO
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It does!? Where are you seeing that? We do currently have you purchase an Energy Drink during the tutorial, but we give you enough bones to do that without having to pay for anything.

As with most free games, we do have premium currency you can purchase for real money, but it's not a requirement to play, and quite honestly, the vast majority of players don't spend anything at all.

If you're seeing something else let me know so we can get that straightened out. Ultimately we'd love for people to enjoy it enough to decide to buy some "Bones" but it's not a requirement.

Brian Robbins
Founder, Riptide Games, developers of Ultimate Battle Zombies, My Pet Zombie, Mini Monster Smash, iLookApps, Bop It! and more.